CBSE Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions: Chapter 10, Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Sep 24, 2018 12:37 IST
Mechanical Properties of Fluids: NCERT Solutions

Fluids are the substances which can flow. For example, liquids and gases are fluids. They does not possess definite shape. In fluid mechanics, two properties of fluid are considered. These are: (i) when the fluid is at rest – hydrostatics and (ii) when the fluid is in motion – hydrodynamics.  Class 11 Physics NCERT chapter 10, Mechanical Properties of Fluids, deals with the concepts and principles related to these mechanical properties. At the end of the chapter, there are given various questions to test the students’ understanding about the topics learned in the chapter.

To helps students find the right approach to all the NCERT questions given at the end of Class 11 Physics chapter- Mechanical Properties of Fluids, we are providing here the NCERT solutions explained and reviewed by the subject matter experts. All the solutions are designed to include appropriate concepts which will help students make an effective preparation for the annual exams.

Students may download all the NCERT Solutions in the form of PDF.

Main topics discussed in Class 11 Physics chapter- Mechanical Properties of Fluids are:

  • Introduction to fluid mechanics
  • Properties of fluids
  • Pressure
  • Pascal’s law
  • Hydraulic machines
  • Streamline flow
  • Bernoulli’s principle
  • Blood flow and heart attack
  • Dynamic Lift
  • Viscosity
  • Stokes’ law
  • Reynolds number
  • Surface tension
  • Surface energy
  • Drops and bubbles
  • Capillary Rise

Some of the questions and their solutions from NCERT Solutions for Class 11: Mechanical Properties of Fluids, are as follows:

 mechanical prperties of fluids

CBSE Class 11 Physics Syllabus 2018 - 2019

class 11 physics ncert solutions

Download all the NCERT solutions for Class 11: Mechanical Properties of Fluids, from the following link:

Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions: Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Importance of NCERT Books:

The questions given in NCERT textbooks at the end of each chapter are not only important for examinations but also to get a clear understanding of the concepts in a better way. That is why students are recommended to read NCERT books thoroughly and practice the exercise questions.

The questions given at the end of each chapter are based on every conceptual topic. Students must solve all these NCERT questions to keep a track of their understanding. Practicing the NCERT questions will assure good results as most of the questions in annual examinations are asked from NCERT textbooks.

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