Motivate Yourself for Persistent Preparation for IAS Prelims

When only a few days are left for the IAS Prelims Exam, candidates really need to be motivated. There are a lot of ways to get motivated for persistent studies for the Exam.

Created On: Jun 2, 2011 06:53 IST
Modified On: Apr 30, 2013 14:57 IST
Motivate Yourself Before Exam
Motivate Yourself Before Exam

Motivation is something that is really sought by all the candidates preparing for the UPSC Exam. Candidates start panicking sometimes with the advancement of exam. At this point of time, when only a few days are left for the Prelims Exam, candidates need to be motivated. There are a lot of ways to get motivated for constant studies for the Exam. Among them, Self Motivation does play the pivotal role.

•    If you have a group of friends or seniors who talk to you, discuss with you and thus motivate you in so many ways to concentrate on studies and pass the Exam, then of course you are a lucky chap. Or else you can move on to parents and relatives also for motivation and guidance.

•    Talking to somebody who supports you throughout your Exam preparation will really relax you and give you a push with energy and enthusiasm for the better preparation of Exam.

•    When only a few days are left for the Prelims Exam, you should not take up new topics and start panicking thinking that you will not be able to finish them for the Exam. At this time you should relax and revise the topics which have already been finished by you.

•    As you revise you will feel confident about your preparation and at this point of time the mounting confidence level will work magic to speed up study process.

•    You are the best choice to motivate yourself during the whole process of Exam preparation. You are the closest to yourself, other than anybody else. So, do guide yourself and motivate yourself a lot. Keep telling you that you have studied your best and now, in the limited time you need to revise them well, so that you recall stuff in the Exam hall at the time of need.

•    Be confident always. This is the best way to motivate self.

•    Do not get disturbed by the mass opinion and discussion, as they may confuse you with the difference of opinion regarding the time management and topics to be covered. You are the best person to understand your need for the Prelims Exam. So, you better motivate yourself for fulfilling your requirement.

•    Just be honest to your preparation and make sure that you are spending quality hours for your studies.