MP Board Class 10 Mathematics Model Question Paper: Set 1

Dec 27, 2018 16:58 IST
MP Board Class 10 Mathematics

Find the Class 10 Mathematics Blue Print for the session 2018-2019 to know about the paper pattern, evaluation scheme and unit-wise marks distribution in detail. Appearing students will also get the MP Board Class 10 Mathematics Model Paper and marking scheme based on the blue print of the year 2013-2014. Students must go through the MP Board Model Papers to get an idea about the actual board question paper pattern, expected format of questions and the weightage allotted to different sections in the paper.

Importance of solving MP Board Class 10 Maths Model Papers:

1. It helps students to know about the question paper format and the type of questions to be asked in the upcoming board exam.

2. It helps students to make proper strategy for time management in actual board exams.

3. Students will get an idea about writing the perfect answer in upcoming board exams with the help of the marking scheme.

MP Board Class 10th Mathematics: Unit-wise Marks distribution

Units Name


Real Numbers






Coordinate Geometry










Exam Pattern for MP Board Class 10th Mathematics Paper:

Exam mode: written/pen-paper based test

Total marks: 100 marks

Type of questions: Very short, Short, Long and Essay Answer types

Exam duration: 3 hours

Total questions (with internal options): 26 questions

Minimum Passing Marks: 33 marks

MP Board Class 10 Mathematics Model Question Paper: Set 2

MP Board Class 10th Mathematics Question Paper Blueprint 2018-2019:

MP Board Class 10 Maths Blue Print

General Instructions to the examinees:

1. All questions are compulsory to solve.

2. Read the given instruction of question carefully and write correct answer of them.

3. Allotted marks are indicated in front of each question.

4. Question No. 01 to 05 are objective type questions.

5. Internal options are given in question. No. 06 to 24.

6. Draw the neat and clean labelled diagram if necessary.

MP Board Class 10 Mathematics Model Question Paper: Set 3

A few sample questions are given below:

Q: Write only Pythagoras theorem formula and show by figure?

Q: In right angle triangle hypotenuse is 5 cm and ratio of other two side 1:2, find the value of side ?

Q: Find the Probability of getting an odd numbers in a single throw of dice of six faces?

Q: Five years ago, age of Atindra was thrice the age of Gyana. After 10 years Atindra's age will be twice the age of Gyana. find the present age of Atindra and Gyana?

Q: A person observed from the top of electric pole the angle of depression of the point is 60º. If the distance between the foot of the electric pole and point is 25 metres. Find the height of the pole?

Q: Find the ratio between the volume of cylinder and cone which have same radius and height?

Q: Find the compound interest and amount on Rs. 2000 at the rate of 4% per annum for 2 years?

Q: Construct the incircle of the equilateral triangle whose one side is 8 cm?

To download the complete MP Board Class 10 Maths Model Paper and its marking scheme, click on the links given below:

MP Board Class 10 Maths Model Paper

Marking Scheme