Polymer (part-1)

Molecules of a polymer has high molar masses and are composed of a large number of repeating units. There are both naturally occurring and synthetic polymers

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Polymer (part-1)
Polymer (part-1)

Why do we study polymers? What are polymers? How much marks are carried by the chapter polymer in class 12 board examinations? What is the importance of polymers in our daily life? How you will classify the topic polymers? What is co-polymer? What are differences between synthetic and semi synthetic polymers?

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A large number of molecules called monomers are joined sequentially, forming a chain in the process of polymerization. Polymers can have only one, two or three different monomers may be combined. Polymers are classified by the characteristics of the reactions by which they are formed. If all atoms in the monomers are incorporated into the polymer, the polymer is called an addition polymer.

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