Practice Question Set on General Awareness for SBI Clerk Exam 2012

Question bank on General Awareness consists of 50 questions framed to help your prepare better for the upcoming SBI Clerk Exam.

May 31, 2012 14:16 IST
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Here you find a set of 50 questions on General Awareness. The questions are framed to allow you to judge for yourself how prepared you are for the upcoming SBI Clerk Exam. Scheduled to be held on 3rd June 2012.

Take the test now to further enhance your preparation.

1. The Govt of India has decided to declare which of the following rivers a National River?

(A) Brahmaputra

(B) Yamuna

(C) Ganga

(D) Kaveri   

(E) None of these

2. Who amongst the following economists gave the concept of "economies of scale", which says "many goods and services can be produced more cheaply in long series"?

(A) Edward C Prescott

(B) Amartya Sen

(C) Gary S Becker

(D) Edmund S Phelps

(E) Paul Krugman

3. Very often we read in newspapers/magazines about "Sovereign Wealth Funds". Which of the following is/ are the correct description of the same?

(A) These are the funds or the reserves of a government or central bank of a country which are invested further to earn profitable returns.

(B) These are the funds which were accumulated by some people over the years but were not put in active circulation as they retain them as Black Money for several years.

(C) The funds which are created to be used as relief funds or bailout packages are known as sovereign funds.

(A) Both B & C only

(B) Only B

(C) Only C

(D) Only A

(E) None of these

4. Very often we read about Special economic Zones (SEZs) in newspapers. What is the purpose of promoting SEZs in India?

(A) They are established to promote exports.

(B) They are established to attract investments from foreign countries.

(C) They are established to help the poorest of the poor in India as the activities of these zones are reserved only for the poors and those living below poverty line.

(A) Only A   

(B) Only B

(C) Only C

(D) Both A & B only

(E) None of these

5. The ratio of the Cash Reserves that the banks are required to keep with the RBI is known as

(A) Liquidity Ratio   


(C) CRR   

(D) Net Demand & Time Liability

(E) None of these


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Practice Question Set on General Awareness for SBI Clerk Exam 2012

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