Questions You Should Never Ask In An Interview

Sometimes a simple question can cost your chance at a good internship or job opportunity, Simply because you asked a forbidden question. It might seem completely harmless to you but there are some question that one must never ask in interviews and here is a list of some of them.

Created On: Sep 18, 2020 20:25 IST
Questions You Should Never Ask In An Interview
Questions You Should Never Ask In An Interview

Interviews are an integral part of a college student's life. By the time the students get ready for the placement season in college they already have given a fair share of interviews and are quite comfortable with the process. They are well versed in a lot of important things that one needs to keep in mind with respect to appearing for an interview such as the dress code, body language etc. They are also quite adept at answering some frequently asked questions like, 'what are your strengths and weaknesses.'

However, when the interviewers end the interview by asking the candidate if they have any questions, most students end up asking questions that they shouldn't be asking. Often simple mistakes like asking the wrong question cost them a good placement opportunity. The chance to ask questions is a great opportunity to get to know more about the company, the work culture, and the kind of work you'd be expected to do. But you should not forget that the interview isn't over yet and the interviewer is still judging you. So, be careful about the questions that you raise while being interviewed.

Here, in this article we have shared a list of some common questions that one should never ask in an interview.

Questions that you must never ask in an interview:

When Will I Be Promoted?

Asking this question is strictly prohibited especially if you are a recent graduate. Just consider this, you are fresh out of college and maybe have a small amount of work experience from a few internships but you still have a lot to learn. Also, it's inappropriate to ask for a promotion, because you have just appeared for the interview. The organization is yet to accept or reject your profile and you are asking a question that indicates that you have been selected. If you think that you are showcasing your enthusiasm for the job by asking such questions, then think again. Showing enthusiasm is good, but a question regarding promotion especially when you are interviewing for your first ever full-time job, is a completely wrong approach.

What is the salary for this position?

Often fresher’s tend to make this mistake of asking questions about salary at the interview stage. Salary indeed is an important concern but asking the amount that you be offered for the job is not a welcoming move. A good salary package is the dream of every college graduate and that’s what you worked so hard for in college. But the point here is, as a fresher you should not bring up a salary question at the interview stage. However, once you have received an offer letter from the organization feel free to ask them as many questions as you want about salary and the employee perks that come along with the job.

When can I expect a raise?  

This question is almost like an extension of the previous question associated with salary. And although asking about salary is acceptable once you have received the offer letter, but talking about a raise isn't. The simple reason for it is that at the interview stage you are yet to get an offer letter from the company which in turn means that the organization is yet to tell you about your salary package. Asking for a raise in such a scenario showcases your impatient behavior and might also portray you negative image to the recruiter.

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What are the working hours?

Asking such a question to the interviewer gives him an impression that you are more interested in time-off than working in the organization. The employer might even doubt your work potential and form a belief that you are a slacker rather than a responsible and dependable resource. Some graduates are even curious to find out about the flexible timings which again is a question that you must avoid asking the interviewer. If the company has a flexible timing approach they will orient you with the perks of the job once you receive the offer letter.

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How did I perform?

Asking the interviewer about your performance in the interview must be avoided at any cost. It shows lack of confidence on your part. Keep your calm, you'll get to know how you performed in the interview based on whether you receive the offer letter or not. Also, give the employer some time to assess your personality. Especially, if you have some work samples or a portfolio then give them some time to go through it. Sometimes how well you fared in the interview also depends on how well the interview of your fellow applicants goes.

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Not ask any questions at all

Several students believe in the approach of not asking any questions at all. It might seem like the easiest way out but sometimes not asking any questions also leads to a negative impression on the hiring manager. Not asking any questions on your part also shows lack of interest in the job. But that's not all, some interviewers also form an impression that this person is desperate for the job and will accept anything that we will offer him/her in terms of salary. Never let an interviewer form this impression because it puts a question mark on your credibility.

Lastly, you should also not be asking any questions that gives an impression that you haven't been paying attention to the interviewer. It includes asking questions about the things that the interviewer has already explained or covered. However, if you have any doubts then feel free to ask questions but simultaneously be mindful of the fact as to how you phrase that question. It should not sound like you were not paying attention during the interview. Hope the above mentioned tips will help you ace the next interview you appear for. Also, to read more such articles on interview tips for college students please visit our website,

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