This is when a student should start preparing for engineering/medical entrance exams

In this article we will discuss about the ideal time to start preparing for the engineering/medical entrance exams which a student will take after class 12. You will know the right strategy which will help to crack the exam with flying colours.

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When to start preparing for JEE/NEET
When to start preparing for JEE/NEET

When it comes to start preparing for the engineering/medical entrance exams which a student has to take after 12th class, a question arises in everyone’s mind that ‘When should a student start preparing for these entrance exams?’

It has been observed that in order to prepare for the test which will be taken after the 12th class, some students start joining the coaching centres as early as in class 6th, 7th and 8th. At such tender age, students have to spend their weekends at the coaching institutes for the preparation of competitive tests which they would attempt after 5 or 6 years from now. Thus, this practice seems to be robbing the children of their precious childhood which can have serious implications in later life. Only thing which must be taken care during the primary school education is that students understand the basics and logics on which the studies of a particular topic or subject are based.  

What is the ideal time?

There’s a saying, “The sooner, the better.’’ It means it is always good to start a work as early as possible. Here, we are talking about the right time/right age to start preparing for the entrance exams which a student has to take after completing his higher secondary education. The ideal time to start preparing for these tests should be the one which provides enough time to grasp all the topics and concepts mentioned in the curriculum for a particular test.

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Start from class 9th:

Preparations for the engineering/medical entrance exams should be started from the beginning of the high school education, i.e., from class 9th. At this stage, students are mature enough to realise their interests and abilities based on which they can decide their career path. Thus, class 9th students are able to choose the right course for which they can start preparing. Moreover, the concepts and topics introduced in class 9th curriculum form the basics of the stuff which needs to be prepared for the entrance exams conducted after class 12th. So, the initial preparations for the engineering/medical entrance exams should be started from class 9th.

Here are some advantages of starting entrance exam preparations since class 9th:

  • You will be better oriented with the future course you have to study.
  • Starting early preparations will help improve your fundamentals which will help you while studying those topics in detail while preparing for the competitive exams.
  • When you prepare, it will guide you whether you can or can’t bear with mathematics or biology. Thus it will help you to choose your subjects accordingly for your higher secondary education.
  • Class 9 students inhibit a good maturity level to master the basics of Mathematics and Science and build scientific concepts.
  • It will give you enough time to work on the finer aspects of the toughest questions.
  • Students will have enough scope of revision and practice.

Preparing for the competitive exams does not mean that a student should go to the coaching institutes and do rigorous studies for long hours, it just requires a student to be attentive and regular with his/her studies. Whatever is being taught and explained in the class should be listened and grasped effectively.

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Real preparation starts from class 11th:

The concepts and basics studied in classes 9th and 10th are further tested in class 11th. Also the the syllabus for any entrance exam, be it JEE or NEET, comprises of class 11 and class 12 syllabus for the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. So, while preparing for the school exams, students can simultaneously start referring the JEE/NEET curriculum to prepare for the entrance exams.

Some important tips for class 11 and class 12 students:

  • Be selective about your study material. Refer to right books. NCERT books can be sufficient if read thoroughly.
  • Collect all the details about the officially prescribed syllabus for the examination.
  • Begin by understanding the past years’ exam trends. This will help you find topics that are repeated year after year and the ones that are mostly ignored.
  • Make a proper time-table for your preparations.
  • Strengthen the key concepts that carry more points.
  • Focus on weaker subjects and revise the stronger ones.
  • Prepare a detailed list of vital formulae in every single chapter.
  • Practice mock tests and previous year question papers.

Though, an early start can be of great advantage while preparing for any competitive exam, but it’s a matter of personal choice whether to start your medical preparation since class 9th or later. One just needs to analyze his/her learning potential and efficiency to give best on the final day. Moreover, time is not everything to help you excel with flying colours but the choice of right study material, regular study and best guidance are also of great importance. So, stay focused and motivated.

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