Role of Language in Corona times

Language is a powerful tool to make communication effective. The use of appropriate words and proper tone of language may help the speaker win hearts.

Created On: Jul 9, 2020 17:35 IST
Role of Language in Corona times
Role of Language in Corona times

Language is a powerful tool to make communication effective. The use of appropriate words and proper tone of language may help the speaker win hearts. The current scenario has taught us many things on how to be self sufficient, shown us how important it is to stay healthy, stay calm, stay connected and the most important thing is to use positive language to communicate well and reach out to people in times of need. Technology helps us to stay connected, keep ourselves informed and help us cope up with the situation. During these difficult times, where people need to maintain social distancing a lot of people undergo stress and unfortunately some have become lonely. It has become extremely important to communicate well and stay in touch virtually to encourage people to stay positive and healthy. In a situation where people are confined in their respective homes with their family members with less physical activities, it is extremely important to stay mentally and physically fit. Humans are social beings and the anxiety of not able to go out and meet people and have a face to face conversation trigger stress and depression.

Effective way of using language will play crucial role in days to come. During the last couple of months we have been exposed to a number of online platforms to deliver what we generally do face to face. Education sector transformed itself overnight. Online classes, Online assessment, Online counseling, Online Parent-Teacher meetings, Online admission counseling, Virtual meetings, Webinars, and many other social media platforms to stay connected as professional. Communication is the key to all these activities. Technology help faculty stay connected with students to complete the curriculum and compile the assessment. Both faculty and students are exposed to a new way of knowledge sharing and it will continue to evolve further. All these involved effective communication. The face to face classroom scenario will be a thing of the past. The new scenario would be a combination of both face to face and online classroom. The need of the hour is to Re-imagine, Re-define, Re-design, Re-modify, Re-structure and Re-arrange the curriculum keeping in mind the requirements and limitations any knowledge seeker would anticipate.

Taking into consideration the challenges we are going to anticipate in the work front, the next step is to prepare the students to fit into that work zone. There will be a sea change in terms of recruitment, reporting, and delivery in the job front. Humans are good in adjusting and adapting to new situations. During Corona times we have adapted pretty well in our new roles as knowledge provider and as knowledge seeker.

Let us stick to positive language, choose nice words, and stay connected in fighting these difficult times.

SGT University, Gurugram is like a powerhouse for new discoveries, new research. There are always research works in new areas which are also useful for the local people. Our students, teachers and researchers are playing a leading role in research. SGT University also plays an important role in community service. The university is a bridge between research scholars and local businesses as a research partnership.

Dr. Sarju Devi
Associate Professor
Centre for Languages and Communication (CLC)

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