Salary Structure of Army Personnel that every aspirant should know

Mar 28, 2019 12:41 IST
Indian Army Salary Structure

Every year recruitment notifications are advertised for Indian Army. Lakh of candidates, show their interest of joining the 2nd largest standing army in the world.

Indian Army follows direct recruitment process (through recruitment rallies) for selecting candidates for soldier and constable posts. However for officer cadres entrance tests are conducted, followed by rigorous training period.

Indian Army recruits candidates as Officer or Junior Commissioned Officer or, as an Other Rank depending on the qualification and aptitude.

Heading right into the core of the discussion, Indian Army offers lucrative salary packages and remuneration benefits to its employees. Here’s the detail about the gross salary structure and pay scale of the various ranks.

Gross Pay and Allowances for Junior Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks

Salary Details of Junior Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks


Gross Salary

Sepoy (Group X)

Rs 5200-20200+1400+2000+DA 113%

Sepoy (Group Y)

Rs 5200-20200+2000+2000+DA 113%

Naik (Group X)

Rs 5200-20200+1400+2000+DA 113%

Naik (Group Y)

Rs 5200-20200+2400+2000+DA 113%

Constable/ Havildar (Group X)

Rs 5200-20200+1400+2000+DA 113%

Constable/ Havildar (Group Y)

Rs 5200-20200+2800+2000+DA 113%

Naib Subedar (Group X)

Rs 9300-34800+1400+2000+DA 113%

Naib Subedar (Group Y)

Rs 9300-34800+4200+2000+DA 113%

Subedar (Group X)

Rs 9300-34800+1400+2000+DA 113%

Subedar (Group Y)

Rs 9300-34800+4600+2000+DA 113%

Subedar Major (Group X)

Rs 9300-34800+1400+2000+DA 113%

Subedar Major (Group Y)

Rs 9300-34800+4800+2000+DA 113%

Honorary Lieutenant

Rs 19530+5400+6000+DA 113%

Honorary Captain

Rs 20190+6100+6000+DA 113%

Gross Pay and Allowances for Army Officers

Salary Details of Army Officers

Pay/ Perk/ Allowance


Basic Pay Scale+ Grade Pay

Rs 15600-39100 + 5400

Military Service Pay

Rs 6000

Kit Maintenance Allowance

Rs 400

Transport Allowance

Rs 1600 – 3200

Field Area Allowance


Counter Insurgency


High Altitude/Uncongenial Climate


Siachen Glacier Allowance


Flying Pay


Parachute Pay


Special Forces



50% of last pay drawn

Qualification pay/ grant for service courses


Outfit allowance

14000 (initial) renewed every three years

Insurance cover

Rs 50 Lakhs at Subsidised Premium and an attractive saving component

Candidates should note that, the figures mentioned above are as per the information given by Indian Army and trusted sources. For clarification, official website should be referred.

Other prominent perks allowed for Army Personnel

Other allowances and perks given to army personnel include lifelong pension, annual leave for two months and casual leave of 20 days, encashment of leave upto 300 days of last pay drawn, study leave upto 2 years with full pay and all benefits, MBA Programme for Retired Officers, Death Cum Retirement Gratuity and foreign postings.

Cadets at the IMA, OTA, Cadet Training Wing at CME, MCME and MCTE get a fixed monthly stipend of Rs 21000

In addition to all the allowances given above, Indian Army offers other innumerable benefits like air/rail travel concession, free hospital facilities, low interest loans, canteen facilities, rations, etc.

Let alone salary and remuneration, Indian Army provides the finest ambience to its employees. Be it social interaction or availing medical facilities, being an employee of Indian Army will help you in providing the best of all.

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