Sanskriti University & Shantigiri Ashram sign historic agreement on Ayurveda

Aug 22, 2018 17:34 IST
Sanskriti University

Mathura: 16th July 2018 proved to be a historic day for Sanskriti University – a varsity that has been extensively working for the promotion and propagation of Ayurvedic medicine system among Indian masses. The University signed a historic accord with Santhigiri Ashram – the centre that has become a symbol of global peace, spirituality and universal brotherhood, for the promotion of Ayurveda. The agreement will prove to be a boon for all the residents of Mathura as well as the BAMS students and faculty members of the Sanskriti University School of Ayurveda which is set to become the top BAMS college in UP

The historic agreement was signed on 16th July by Mr Sachin Gupta – the Chancellor of Sanskriti University and Swami GururetnamJnanaTapaswi and Swami Padam Prakash from Santhigiri Ashram. Mr P.K.D. Nambiar and OSD Meenakshi Sharma were also present for the signing of the MoU contract. Along with signing of the agreement, all the dignitaries also vowed to keep Mathura healthy with the help of Ayurvedic Medicine and Siddha system. This historic agreement is expected to usher in a new era of Ayurvedic Medicine in Mathura region while also benefiting students to do research as well as lead a healthy and disease-free life. With this agreement, the Sanskriti Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital is also expected to rise in stature and become the top ayurvedic medical college in UP offering courses like BAMS.

Santhigiri Ashram is known across the globe for its service towards thewell being of betterment humanity. The Ayurvedic medicines produced by the Ashram are popular across the world for their quality. Santhigiri Ashram Organizing Secretary, Swami GururethnamJnana Thapaswi, appreciated the efforts of the Sanskriti University in the promotion of Ayurveda and also noted that Ayurvedic Medicine has a special significance for the holy city of Mathura.

For the last 54 years, Santhigiri Ashram has been promoting a healthy lifestyle among the masses through yoga, meditation, spirituality and Ayurvedic medicine. Swami Jnana Thapaswi reiterated Ayurvedic Medicine helps in treating an illness right from its root and that too without having any adverse side-effects. Ayurveda has a cure for all the illnesses. In fact there are many diseases for which a permanent cure and stable treatment is only possible through Ayurveda. The majority of Ayurvedic Herbs and herbal treatment products can be used for the safe treatment of diseases and illnesses among kids and infants. The signing of this historic accord with Sanskriti University; Santhigiri Ashram has taken up the cause of serving the holy city of Mathura and all its residents with the help of Ayurveda.

Santhigiri Ashram and Sanskriti University will not only aid in the promotion and propagation of Ayurveda as a medical science but also spread awareness about its effectiveness among students. Ayurveda Swami, GururethnamJnana Thapaswi, said that as part of the campaign to promote Ayurveda, the Ashram will make the services of their best Ayurvedic medical practitioners and physicians available to the University. In addition, they will also provide the necessary Ayurvedic medicines and herbs to the Sanskriti University as well as train students and inspire them towards entrepreneurship and establishment of new-age businesses in the field of Ayurvedic medicine.

The Chancellor of Sanskriti Univerity, Mr Sachin Gupta, cited the historic agreement between the Santhigiri Ashram and Sanskriti University as a milestone in the promotion of Ayurvedic Medicine in India. He also said the agreement will not only help the residents of Mathura to live a healthy life but also give an opportunity to students to be trained under the able guidance of medical experts from the Ashram. Talking about Ayurveda as a medical science, Mr Gupta noted that Ayurveda required mastery over the subject along with practical knowledge. He said that no student can master Ayurveda without practical training under an experienced mentor.

Therefore, Sanskriti University is actively helping students to not only emerge as expert medical physicians in the field of Ayurveda but is also inculcatingin them the spirit of service towards both, the residents of Mathura and the society and humanity at large.  

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