Should I join coaching in Class 12 for JEE preparation?

Jul 20, 2018 12:39 IST
When to join IIT coaching?

Majority of students moving from class 11 to class 12 and have not joined any coaching for the preparation of IIT JEE in class 11 often come up with questions like, “What if I join coaching for IIT JEE in class 12?” or “I am a student of Class 12th preparing for the JEE, should I join coaching classes?”

This article is all about such queries. In this article, first we will discuss some important factors which will have a great impact on the IIT JEE and board exam preparation and then we will reach to a conclusion whether a student should join a coaching institute for IIT JEE preparation or not?

So, let’s discuss some important factors.

1. JEE Main Syllabus & Class 12 Syllabus

If we analyse the syllabus of JEE Main and CBSE Class 12 Physics, Chemistry and Maths subjects, then we can easily observe that all the topics of the Class 12 subjects are present in JEE Main syllabus. It means if a student is preparing for JEE then parallelly he or she is also getting prepared for board exams too. Some people often argue that the preparation of JEE and Board Exams are completely different things and preparation of both the exams need a different approach.

If a student doesn’t know about derivations, basic concepts and formulae of Class 11 and Class 12 then he or she cannot solve questions of JEE Main or JEE Advanced correctly.

IIT JEE coaching also provides support for board exams along with JEE.


2. Impact of CBSE Class 11 Syllabus on preparation

Concepts given in Class 11 are important for JEE. But, relatively less important for Class 12 board exams. Majority of the JEE coaching centres teach basic and important concepts of Class 11 to the students of Class 12. So, if a student who had not studied well in Class 11, joins coaching for the preparation of IIT JEE in Class 12 get an added advantage. They will get another chance to clear the concepts of Class 11.

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3. Understanding of basic concepts

Students who have a strong grip on the basic concepts of Class 11 Physics, Chemistry and Maths subjects need not worry. They can join coaching for the preparation of JEE Main (or JEE Advanced) and there is less probability that they will feel problem preparing for JEE and board exams together.

But students who don’t have a strong grip on basic concepts of Class 11 Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics might face difficulty initially.

Such students are advised that they should talk to teachers and other students before joining the coaching centre.

4. Less time, huge syllabus

It has been observed that students who join coaching in Class 12 sometimes get depressed as they feel that they are lagging behind in comparison to students who had started their preparation from Class 9 or Class 11.

Students who are preparing for JEE from classes 9, 10 and 11 definitely have edge over the students who are going to join coaching in Class 12.

If you are planning to join coaching centres from Class 12 then you need to put more efforts to compete with other students.

5. Earlier the better

Students who will start preparation for JEE from Class 12 will be in better position as compared to students who will start preparation after Class 12.

If you are planning to join coaching and star preparation from Class12 then it’s not too late. You have to put maximum efforts by keeping a good care of your health as this is the only thing which will bring the best version of you.

Students who will start preparation from class 12 have more chances of getting selected (or getting a good college) in comparison to students who will join coaching after Class 12.


Till now we have discussed a number of important factors which will affect IIT JEE preparation and board exam preparation. There is no right or wrong time to begin. Students should keep these factors in their mind before taking any decision. The outcome will depend on their hard work and dedication.

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