How to make sure that students are becoming futuristic? Know these 7 skills for better tomorrow

Aug 17, 2018 11:25 IST
Making Students Future Ready

How do we make sure that the knowledge and skills we are imparting in the students today will make them ready for each and every situation in future? Everything is upgraded with time; even subjects curriculum is revised every year for the new academic session, therefore students who already passed a certain class may not be able to learn as per the new syllabus. What can we do to make sure that students are upgraded with skills and requirements as per the demands in upcoming time?
We need to incorporate such skills in students that will help them face every challenge that they will come across in their career life in the future. The students should be taught the skills that will be useful for them irrespective of technology advancement or Industrial changes.

Check out the tips to help students for a better future –

1. Approach and Outlook – The students should be taught to develop an attitude which will help them achieve their goals in the long run. The students should develop an ambitious attitude, they should be passionate about their work and goals. The students need to learn self-appreciation, make their positive image and project their best skills in the competitive environment. Positive and optimistic attitude is essential among students and they need to learn these skills in the developing age only so that they can have a promising future.

2. Ethics or Morals – The students need to learn ethics such as professional as well as social ethics that are essential for any job. Sometimes, students obtain high qualification degree but they still cannot get a permanent job because of their behaviour with people in the organisation. Therefore, students should be taught right ethics that include communication, respecting individuals and also, understand and accept the diversity of cultures.

3. Vision – for a successful future, students should learn to see futuristic, make decisions and be ready for challenges that may come in the future. In their learning phase, students often fail to see future circumstances and often act under immaturity. Their actions make them regret it later and also they end up limiting their opportunities. Therefore, students need to develop an understanding of their present and future; this is really helpful for students in taking the right career decisions.

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4. Skills – Students need to develop certain skills along with their academic skills which will help them survive in the long run. The skills such as interpersonal communication, negotiation skills, presentational skills and collaboration skills are important for any job.

5. Learning and Experience – The students need to learn the practical skills and also implement them incorrect manner. A good academic record is important but if students have not acquired skills like extracurricular skills, and also have not gained knowledge from training programmes, projects etc. then they will not be able to implement in the real-time needs. The students need to use their learning and experience in similar future ahead.


6. Yearning for knowledge – A curious mind of students can explore the unexpected. The students can use their curiosity to find new opportunities, perspectives. The students who learn to seek new knowledge develop a never give up personality. Such students are always willing to explore and try something new and make challenges into opportunities. Their knowledge expands and hence, they become multitalented and multitasking. 

7. Capability for adjustment – The most important skill that students should acquire during their schooling years is adaptation skills. The students who can freely adjust in any situation tend to last longer even in an uncomfortable environment. After school, students will always be in a dynamic environment that will require them to be patient with changes that may not be favourable to them. Also, the students will be required to learn new skills and update themselves with trends of the industry to achieve success.

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Conclusion: The skills mentioned above are useful in any situation and in any organisation. The students learning these skills will learn creative, multitalented and innovative for a successful future.