Strategy for the Preparation of General Science in PT GS Paper

In Prelims, questions are asked on the basic science that are mainly appiled in nature, to check how accurately you can apply your knowledge of science in the practical life.

Created On: May 31, 2011 05:13 IST
Modified On: Apr 25, 2013 12:36 IST

A good number of questions are asked from the Science Section in the UPSC Prelims Exam. Science questions have been asked in the UPSC Prelims in all the years. Questions are asked on Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc. But with these terms candidates need not worry. Because, Questions are all General and Basic in nature.

By the Science questions in the PT, your basic Ability to solve Science related general questions and your awareness with the development of the day to day life based on science are judged. For this you need not to do any special study on Science, neither you need to have a Science background. Questions are generally on the School level. You need to polish up your School level Science. Studying and practicing the NCERT school books from class 6 to class 10 is very helpful. To answer the Science questions that are asked in the Prelims, your basic knowledge on Science should be fair enough.

Questions are asked on the basic science mainly applied in nature, to check how accurately you can apply your knowledge of science in the practical life. Thus, what all you need is a good understanding of the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc. And this you can develop from the basic science school books. Topic wise everything is explained in easy language in school books. Once you are done with the school books and you have concepts on different science topics, take the previous years GS Science question bank and practice the questions at home. This will improve your efficiency in solving a problem.

Some small calculations based on science are also asked in the Prelims exam. For these you need to practice previous years question papers and the practice questions that are given at the end of each lesson of the school science books. Once you finish studying the topics, take up the questions simultaneously and try solving them. In this regard, discussing with friends and seniors do really help. Most importantly, practicing and revising them time and again will help you finally solving the questions in the Prelims efficiently.

Above and all while solving the Science questions you really need to have a relaxed mind. Put your full concentration while solving Science problems to avoid mistakes. Be patient, relaxed and attentive while doing Science questions.