Tips and Strategies for the Preparation of the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Test 2011

In UPSC PT 2011, Paper I comprises GS and Paper II comprises CSAT. Here we are offering Tips and Strategies for the preparation of the UPSC PT 2011.

Created On: Jun 1, 2011 12:25 IST
Modified On: Apr 16, 2013 10:07 IST

The Civil Services Examination PT Exam will be held on 12 June 2011. There will be two objective type papers of 200 marks each. Paper I comprises GS and Paper II comprises CSAT. Here we are offering Tips and Strategies for the preparation of the UPSC PT 2011.

•    Plan your schedule according to the amount of time left for the PT 2011. Go in for a planned and systematic study.

•    Work out your own study schedules in a manner that suits you. Do not listen to others or get misguided by others. The number of books and the amount of time given to studies are not the factors to be considered before exam. Before exam, your concentration should be on how well you manage finishing the topics and revise them.

•    A detailed study of good textbooks and coverage of the whole syllabus give good input and a decent chance to answer maximum questions to score high. One should select standard, prescribed books for the preparation. Do not get confused by the innumerable study material available for the PT.

•    To avoid confusion before exam, you should have some consultation with experienced or senior students or teachers. They can guide you better from their personal experience.

•    Discuss with your friends, talk to them and listen to their views. This will expand your knowledge base and also expose you to different views. Discussions will help you finding out the mistakes if you are making any.

•    It is not important how much you study. The important aspect of the PT preparation is that how accurately you study and how accurately you choose the topics of study to pass the PT.

•    The most important aspect for the preparation for GS (Prelims) is to identify the loopholes and fix them immediately. Find out which topics have been left out by you. Try focusing on them and keep practicing the topics in which you are already comfortable.

•    Do not panic in case you find out that you have left some topics and a little time is left for PT. In this case, leave those topics and avoid panicking. By leaving those topics you may lose a chance to answer a few questions in the PT, but by panicking you would spoil your whole enthusiasm for PT. So, it’s okay if you leave some topics during the preparation process.

•    Revision is considered as the must do before exam. If the topics are not revised, it is as good as not studied. Preparation for exam is a continuous process. You might have covered the syllabus long back, but memory deteriorates with time. So, do have at least one revision before PT, if possible have repeated revisions.

•    Practice previous years General studies question papers. By doing this you can point out your weaknesses and strength and then can make your preparation according to your need. Moreover, by doing this you can check out your knowledge base, speed and accuracy.

•    When PT exam is just a month away to take place, reduce giving much time in thorough reading of newspapers. PT questions cover Current Affairs of one year, from the year of the last PT held, till one month before the commencement of the PT exam. So, you can better utilise your time in studying other important topics.
You should be hard working and dedicated. Keep faith on your own capabilities. Do not be disheartened if you are unable to achieve your daily targets. It happens sometimes; take it easy and just make sure that it is not a daily occurrence. Quality of hours put in is more important than quantity of hours. Your time and energies should be used in an efficient and effective manner. Most importantly, while taking the PT 2011 Exam, read and understand the PT question papers (Paper I and Paper II) properly. Some additional topics have been put in the PT 2011 syllabus. And CSAT is a whole new inclusion in the PT by the UPSC. You will answer to the questions of GS paper with new inclusions and CSAT for the first time. So, 2011PT candidates must follow the instructions of the question papers while answering.