Tips for creating an ideal study environment

Unable to decide upon what's an ideal study space? Worry not, follow these simple tips to create one for yourself.

Created On: Feb 20, 2020 17:56 IST
ideal study environment
ideal study environment

The definition of an ideal study space differs from student to student. While some require absolute solitude others prefer some ambient music in the background. Regardless of these small variations that each and every one of us prefers and enjoys it is important to have a defined study space. A place that is free of distractions and allows for uninterrupted study sessions. Some students find it particularly easy to determine their ideal study space while many others struggle to find it. One of the best solutions for this is to select a place that appeals to you the most and stick to it. Over time you get used to it and tend to enter into study phase sooner than usual at that place. Mentioned below are some parameters that students can use to determine their ideal study space. However, the importance levels of these factors might vary from student to student.

Comfort is Good - But too much comfort can be distracting  

The first stage of the process of determining or creating an ideal study environment is to start with basic essentials such as selecting a proper desk and a chair. This might seem as an obvious thing. But there are many students who confuse a comfortable study space for their beds. Comfort is a necessary element in determining an ideal space but too much of comfort can sometimes becomes a distraction. Hence, it is advised to go for a comfortable desk and chair instead of your bed where you might doze off. However, a comfortable chair does not mean that you choose a recliner sort of chair as they will act as distractions. Go for something that helps you maintain a proper posture while studying.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Try and opt for a place with ample natural lighting for your study space. Natural lighting is quite pleasing and also leads to less strain on our eyes. Also pay close attention to the position of the artificial lights in the room. Make sure that you place your desk and chair in such a manner that the light does not fall directly in your eyes. If your room receives good amounts of natural lights during the day you need not turn on the artificial lights but they become a necessity after sundown. Hence, have lights that are warm and not too bright as they might be distracting. Low lighting usually leads to an increase in stress levels and make it harder for you to focus on your studies. So, make sure that you have ample and proper lighting in your place of study.

Ideal Temperature

Another factor that can be quite distracting if ignored is that of temperature. It is important that you set the room temperature to your comfort before you get down to your studies. Both too hot or too cold environments can be quite distracting and waiver your concentration. Like for example, cold environments often lead to a drop in your productivity levels. Also, in colder environments your body exerts more energy in keeping you warm dividing your concentration and focus. 

Gather All Your Supplies

Getting up again and again to get some or the other supply is quite distracting and also hampers your focus and concentration. Make sure that you have all the materials you require close by, so that the flow of your studies is not interrupted again and again.

Eliminate Any And All Distractions

Make sure that your study space is free of all distractions. One of the best ways to ensure that is to use that space for nothing but studies. This way you can do away with all the things unrelated to your studies from that room. But these distractions also might differ from student to student. Like as mentioned before some students prefer some ambient music when studying while some others cannot concentrate even in the slight bit of noise and require absolute silence. However, there are some distractions that are common for most people such as desk clutter, constant pinging of your mobile phones etc. Figure out the things that are distracting for you and make it a point to eliminate them.

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Redesign the place

Depending on the immediate environment of the place that you pick for you study place you may require to revamp the place. Try and make it more context relevant. You could start by placing motivational posters on the walls or placing some indoor plants that act as air purifier. Remember that no matter what place you pick for your study space it should resonate with positive vibes for you. Unless off course you are someone who thrives in cluttered place make sure that your study space has a clean and neatly organized environment.

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