Tips For Effective Time Management For College Students

Are you one of those student who knows the importance of time management but still unable to manage it? Well here are some simple tips to help you  get started.

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Tips For Effective Time Management For College Students
Tips For Effective Time Management For College Students

College life is called the stepping stones to a student's future. The manner in which you shape your skills and personality in college will determine the kind of job and life that awaits you once you graduate from college. To make yourself a successful life outside of college one of the most important quality that you need to learn is the skill of 'Time Management.'

There is a lot happening around you when you are in college. From studies, to sports, to fests and other fun activities, college life opens a lot of prospects for students. There is always something or the other happening around you at campus. In such a scenario, it is impertinent that you manage your time efficiently and involve yourself in everything that you want to do. You cannot just study tirelessly and pay no heed to the extra-curricular or the vice versa. Each has its own importance and each its own role to play in your personality development.

Why Time Management is important for students? 

Talking about effective time management a lot of college students are seen complaining about the lack of time. They say that they don't have enough time to do all the tasks that they have. But that is all an excuse for our inability to manage our time efficiently. The problem is not the shortage of time but how we manage it.  As once quoted by the famous motivational speaker Michael Altshuler, 'The bad news is that time flies. The good news is  that you are the pilot.'

Each student is a pilot of his own time, and he alone is responsible for managing it properly so as to allocate sufficient time to all the tasks he has. And yes, the skill of time management isn't as easily done as said. But you can't just make an excuse that, ' I didn't have enough time' and get away with the incomplete task. For, if your professor has given you a deadline for a submission you are expected to turn your work on time otherwise your stand losing your grade for the subject or even worse flunking in the subject for the lack of enough credits. So to help you out of this crisis, we have made here a list of some secrets of effective time management for students.

Tips to managing time effectively -

Get Rid Of Distractions

Define for yourself a study place and a study time. Whatever time you decide for your study hours whether they be early morning or late nights make sure you are comfortable with it. And study during that time everyday so as to make it a habit. Also, the place you define for your studies should be free of distractions. For example, while studying put your phone on silent mode and also clear of the place of anything else that you will would distract you from your studies.

Focus On the task at hand

Always be focused at the task on hand. Whether you are studying or just partying with friends don't cloud your mind with what comes next. Be fully present in that moment and enjoy it to the fullest. If you worry yourself that you have to study after the party you would neither enjoy the party nor be able to focus on studies afterwards. And when studying set small clear goals to achieve and focus completely  on them. For when you are completely focused on something there is no place for distractions and you happen to complete the task faster.

Make a TO-DO calendar

A calendar is the great way to plan your schedule. It can help you schedule the number of days and even the number of hours for a specific task. Thus allowing you to define how much time and how many days you have for completing that work load. Suppose you are nearing exam time you can clearly divide your preparation allocating sufficient time and days to each subject. But the catch here is everyone makes a calendar however, only a few are able to stick to it. The secret to managing your time efficiently is to stick to the schedule you have defined for yourself.

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Use Checklist

Once a calendar is made to ensure that you stick to it you can make yourself a checklist for the day. Put all the tasks you have assigned yourself for the day on the list and strike each one of them as and when you are done with them. This will help you keep track of the amount of work you have left and speed up if you are lagging behind on your schedule.

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Set Priorities

Making a checklist and a calendar is all good. But it'd all be waste if you don't know how to set priorities. You need to prioritize your work based your deadline for the tasks. Suppose you have two submissions for the and one is the first lecture and morning and the other in later afternoon. You should know that you first have to complete the morning lecture submission. You'd still have some time for the other submission but the first priority is the morning submission. Setting your priorities right is very important to managing your time efficiently.  

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Overcome Procrastination 

Okay, so now you are all set. You have your schedule defined and all you need to do is stick to it. But that is the hardest part. Sticking to the schedule is where most students suffer a setback. They keep on procrastinating and mess up with their schedule. The result, the work once again piles up and you start fretting, not to say you'd not have enough time for all the tasks. Why?  Because, you wasted it all procrastinating. Thus, no procrastinating.

Here, now you are informed on how to manage your time efficiently. The time management skills can be frustrating but once mastered they can help reap a lot of benefits in life. The smarter and top scoring students are all known to have utilized their time in an effective way. Follow the steps mentioned above and you too can find yourself in their league. If you want to read more articles related on college life and time management for college students, please visit Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below.

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