Best Tips for Time Management during CBSE/State Board Exams 2021

For the students who are struggling with time management, here are some tips on how to complete your paper on time in board exams.

Created On: Jan 25, 2021 19:04 IST
Tips for time management during board exam
Tips for time management during board exam

Let's discuss a very common query by the students appearing for the board exams.

Question. How can I learn to manage time in the CBSE board exam?

Ans. Time management is a major factor of concern while taking the CBSE Board Exams. You will have to learn the art much before sitting with the pen and paper in your hand on the examination day.

Some effective tips I can suggest to you on how to manage time in your board exams are as follows:

Practice writing quickly: You can try your hand at solving more and more practice papers, sample papers and past years’ exam papers. Select a time limit for each question and try to adhere to the same and then check if you are able to complete your paper within the preset time constraints. You have to work on your writing speed while keeping your handwriting legible. If you won’t work on your writing speed before the exam, you might be surprised at how difficult it is to write quickly and neatly under the pressure of the time limit on the main day. Your messy handwriting in the answer script will surely annoy the person marking your paper before even checking the whole answer. So if you don’t want to undersell yourself, work out a way to write quickly and neatly.

Prioritise the questions: After reading the whole question paper thoroughly, mark the questions which you are more confident about and are sure to complete those questions in less time. After solving such questions, you can use the remaining time to attempt other questions that seem to be complex to you.

Be realistic with each answer:  Assign each question a fixed time so that you can manage your time to complete the paper. Get an idea that what sort of answers you can realistically write in the time you’ve got. For example: If you’ve got 45 minutes for an essay question, check if you can fit in an introduction, main points and a conclusion within that time limit. Avoid writing absurd text which no where relates to what has been asked in the question. Keep your answers apt and informative.

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