5 Smart ways to use Smartphone for MBA Exam preparation

Prepare for you MBA entrance exams this season with your smartphone without any hassles of attending the coaching classes. Find out the apps and ways to put your smartphone to effective use for MBA exam prep.


Created On: Apr 5, 2019 13:04 IST
MBA Exam preparation
MBA Exam preparation

MBA Exam preparation is indeed a tedious task especially when it comes to prepare for too many entrances that contain different contents in the syllabus. The hassles of attending the coaching for the candidates who attend their graduation college and working executives is another pain to manage. While many believe that mobile phones can only inflict harm on us, there is another sect of people who believe that in this situation, Smartphone can be of real help to streamline the efforts that goes into preparing for the MBA entrance exams.

These days with several educations portals going online, Smartphone offers ease of time and money by being loaded with constructive apps that can help the students in their preparation for MBA entrance exams. From CAT, MAT, CMAT to any regional MBA entrance exam, these online apps has all the contents to offer. For an MBA Aspirant, smart phone has become a saviour during the times when sparing time for preparation separately has become a challenge.  We guarantee that if you are using your Smartphone in the way we suggest, you are not far off from grabbing a seat in one of the top MBA institutes of India.

Take a look at 5 smart ways in which you can use your Smartphone:

1. Download e-Books on your mobile

With all the major MBA entrance exams such as CAT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT, MAT going online, these days it has become quite essential to get accustomed to the computer screen for longer duration. Downloading e-books to read will enhance your attention span to face the screen for longer durations.

In addition, there are various website such as ‘Josh Shop’ that offer the e-books versions at the much lower cost than the hardbound versions. So while buying books to prepare for exams, you can save a lot of expense that can be utilized on filling the expensive entrance forms. There are various education platforms that offer free study material in the form of PDF that you can always carry with you and read anytime anywhere.

Grooming such habits will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run. You can get addicted to the MBA exams preparation while carrying on with the daily routine as usual.

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2. Practice MCQ based questions via online apps

For an MBA aspirant, it is important to get a dab hand at multiple choice questions because all the major MBA entrances test the aptitude of the candidates on the basis of such questions. Once you become accustomed to solve MCQ questions, you will have to work on your speed to make sure that you manage to solve several questions in limited time.

For an MBA Aspirant, exams such as CAT, MAT, XAT, IIFT, NMAT and many more pose a challenge of limited time and negative marking. Once you have access to numerous apps that will help you solve various MCQ based questions in limited time, you will not find it much difficult to manage time in the examination hall.

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3. Watch Video tutorials on Youtube

Video tutorials are one of the best means to grasp a difficult concept. Those who do not feel comfortable in joining the coaching centers can easily watch video tutorials at home. These days even eminent MBA coaching centers rely on video tutorials to guide the candidates. So the next time you miss a concept or a class, you do not have to chase the teacher/mentor for seeking extra classes. You can always open your mobile phone and watch the video at your own convenience.

Videos also have an edge over the practical mode of lecture delivery as they guide too many candidates in one session. You can always bookmark the best videos that will help you master a topic which is a cause of worry for you in the present. YouTube and other video platforms offer free videos. Students can anytime watch these videos to when they feel like studying.   

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4. Take Free Mock tests to monitor performance

Even if you have practiced the MCQ questions from one of the best-selling books available in the market, it is important to put your practice to test with the mock tests. There are ample websites that offer free of cost mock test for the MBA Exam aspirants. While you consider mobile as a mode of distraction, using it in a resourceful manner can get you admission in one of the best institutes of India.

These days, various coaching centers float a package of no less than Rs. 5,000/- – Rs.10,000/- to sell the mock test. But an MBA aspirant can download variety of quality apps in their mobiles to practice mock papers before appearing in the final exam.

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5. Install note-taking apps to remember key points

There are several apps available in the playstore that offer easy and convenient facility of taking note. You can simple install such apps in your mobile and make notes in your mobile. This will save you from carrying heavy registers and notebooks always in your bag. While listening to songs on the go, you can always revise the topic covered in the class through these notes.

There are other apps through which you can record whatever is being taught in the class. They are considered as audio notes. You can even jot down points and queries that do come across while preparing for the exam in these apps.

These were a few ways in which you can prepare for a bright managerial future using your Smartphone. After all there is a reason as to why we call it a ‘smart phone’. It helps us become smart and prepare smartly. Needless to say that nothing can replace the hard work required in getting a high percentile in the MBA exams, but you can manage the way in which you study smartly by using your phones effectively.

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