Top 6 Tips to Improve Your JEE Main 2020 Rank By 30 Percent

Here, in this article, you will get the preparation tips which will help to improve your JEE Main rank at least by 30-40%.

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Top 6 Tips to Improve Your JEE Main Rank By 30 Percent
Top 6 Tips to Improve Your JEE Main Rank By 30 Percent

It is high time for the students to focus on the last month's preparation plans and their implementation. The points mentioned herein are going to help you to improve your rank at least by 30-40%. Follow the last-minute tips to perform your best.
 1. Your Strengths:

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Devote all your time to revise what you already know. At this point of time there is no point trying your hands with the new topics. If, at all, you wish to revise new topics, just go through the important definitions and formulae. Anything beyond that will make you confuse, so it’s a complete NO.

2. Practice Previous Years Paper:

Practicing previous year’s paper will help you to deal with MCQ’s in a given time frame. Dealing with MCQ’s is a mind game. While taking Mock test, try answering your questions using following strategies:

• First attempt information based questions which is approximately 10% of entire paper.

• Follow elimination method. Eliminating improbable option increases your chances of getting the right answers.

• While solving Mathematics paper, back track method can be used. Use the numbers given in the option to check whether it satisfies the equation given in the question. It will help you to get the correct option easily. At least 3-4 questions are of that type.

3. Selecting Topics for Revision:

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Analysis of Previous Year’s Paper reveals that approximately 30-40% JEE MAIN paper is based on information, formula, definitions which are easy to handle and help you to get through the qualifying marks for IIT JEE Advanced. Therefore, it is important to know what to study and what not to. Here are the list of topics from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics which takes less time to revise but can reward you with better marks:

Physics: Units and Dimension, Experiment & Errors in Measurement, Heat and Thermodynamics, Modern Physics, Current Electricity and Electrostatics, Magnetism, Properties of Matter, Gravitation, SHM.

Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Periodic Properties, Chemical Bonding, Gaseous State, Dilute Solutions, Chemical Kinetics, Nomenclature, Isomerism, Bio-molecules, Polymer, Chemistry in Everyday Life, Hydrocarbons, Metallurgy.

Mathematics: Algebra, Coordinate Geometry and Differential Calculus, Vector & 3D.

Beyond these if you are confident and have practiced earlier you can take up more topics based on your confidence level in a particular topic.

4. Make and Follow Strategy:

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In general, it is advised that one must follow certain strategy to optimise the performance on D-Day. However, the strategy of tackling paper varies from person to person but in most cases where qualifying for JEE Advanced is concerned I would suggest the following:

• Start your paper with Chemistry then attempt Physics and finally Mathematics. The logic is simple. Utilising time efficiently, getting confidence with more correct answers, using the saved time for solving tricky or moderately difficult questions. First attempt the easy questions from all the three sections then moderate and finally tricky one (if time is left).

• Don’t stick to a question whose answer is not coming. Keep moving to next question. Your result depends on how many questions you attempt correctly. No one is going to evaluate your effort on a particular question.

• Don’t make wild guesses. It’s complete NO. Better leave those questions about which you are clueless.

5. Speed and Accuracy:

Solving problems in steps eliminates many possible errors. One must focus on accuracy first. Once the high level of accuracy is achieved then attempting more number of questions in lesser time should be the target.

6. Good Luck: A healthy mind, good sleep (minimum 6 hrs) with less distraction and continuous focused effort invites good luck. Disciplined and sincere approach, respect for elders, prayer to God etc will bring good fortune and success.

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