Transfer policy of female employees in public sector banks

Mar 7, 2018 12:42 IST
Transfer policy of female employees in public sector banks

Transfer policy in public sector banks has been a topic of interest for many candidates who are willing to join the banking sector. Especially, when it comes to female bank employees, the transfer policy seemed to affect them more virulently, as they would face hardships and security problems staying away from their immediate family. In view of this, the Department of Financial Services under the Finance Ministry has advised public sector banks to adopt ‘Preferential Transfer Policy’ for the women employees. While many are not aware of this move yet, it has surely put smiles on the faces and renewed hope in the hearts of nearly 2.5 Lakh female bank employees of PSU Banks. Below, we will try to understand the new Transfer Policy for Female PSU Bank employees in detail.

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What is the need for a Preferential Transfer Policy for Women?

Generally, vacancies for public sector banks are announced on the basis of requirement of staff in different locations. In other words, candidates selected through the recruitment exams are placed on the basis of the need of the bank at any location across the country. Public Sector Banks also declare that banking profession is a transferable position at the timing of joining. However, selected candidates often accept initial postings, even in remote areas, just to get the job. After completing the probation period, many female candidates put in a request for transfer to their home towns or cities, citing the reason of living with their families. Living alone and away from their family in remote areas, female bank employees often face a lot of hardships and security problems, which at times compel them to give up their jobs, in case transfer is not granted. In the absence of a dedicated transfer policy for women, banks were unable to appoint or transfer female employees to their hometowns.

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Such circumstances have compelled the Finance ministry and public sector banks to devise a specific transfer policy to cater these specific requirements of female employees.  

Preferential Transfer Policy for Female Bank Employees

According to the latest circular of Department of Financial Services, all the public sector banks have been advised to frame a women-specific transfer policy. The new transfer policy aims at facilitating speedy transfers for female employees and enable them to stay with their families.

  • For Married Female Employees: The PSU Banks should make necessary provisions as far as possible, to place/transfer married female employees at the same place or the place nearest to where her husband is stationed.
  • For Unmarried Female Employees: The PSU Banks should make necessary provisions as far as possible, to place/transfer unmarried female employees at the same place or the place nearest to where her parents are stationed.

Public Sector Banks have been asked to frame their internal transfer policy for female employees considering the aforementioned points. The policy is also said to include pending requests from female employees.

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 Issues involved in implementation of transfer Policy for female employees

While public sector banks have appreciated the move to draft separate transfer policy for female bank employees, they have also pointed out that implementing such a policy would lead to some short-term logistical problems in banking operations. Many senior bank officials have also shared a concern that with the presence of nearly 2.5 Lakh female employees, it might not be possible for PSUs to grant preferential transfers to all of them.

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