UPSC Civil Services (IAS) Prelims Exam: CSAT Logical Reasoning Set I

The Logical Reasoning is a critical part of General Studies Paper II, CSAT of UPSC IAS Prelims Exam. Now the UPSC IAS Prelims Exam is qualifying in nature but still it has to be qualified and requires not less than 33% in General Studies Paper II CSAT. The Logical Reasoning part of UPSC IAS Prelims Paper II CSAT is easy to solve by taking less time but it is true for those only who have done practice during their Preparation of UPSC IAS Prelims Exam

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UPSC IAS Prelims Exam General Studies Paper II is qualifying in nature but still it has to be qualified and score not less than 33% in Paper II CSAT. So, in order to qualify the CSAT Paper of UPSC IAS Prelims Exam, an aspirant has to make strategy for attempting questions of Paper II CSAT correctly. Here, we have provided Multiple Choice Questions of Logical Reasoning for CSAT Exam of UPSC IAS Prelims Exam.

Category: Sequence of figure

In each of the questions given below which one of the four answer figures should come next, if the sequence were continued:


 Answer (a)


Two and four 'V' shaped elements get inverted alternately.


Answer (d)


One of the designs (with white triangle at the centre) moves clock wise while the other design (with black triangle at the centre) moves anti clock wise.

Category: Analytical reasoning

3.The following question consists of a figure containing groups of letters with two terms missing represented by ‘?’. Choose the terms that can best replace the missing terms.

a) 5 and QR
b) 5 and AB
c) 2 and UV
d) 4 and GH

Answer (b)


4.Select the missing number from the given responses.

  a) 53 and Z
  b) 51 and Y
  c) 50 and Y
  d) 52 and U

Answer (b)


Fig 1, 9x9-5x3= 66, similarly figure 2 and 3 to give 51
Alphabet series:
All the alphabets beginning from figure 1 are evenly placed after 5 positions of the preceding
Alphabet. Like,


From the given equilateral triangle below, A, B and C run along the sides in clockwise direction and stop after covering 1 ½ sides. Which of the following statements is true?

a)  B is to the West of C
b)  A is to the south-west of B
c)  B is to the north-west of A
d)  C is to the north-east of A.

Answer (b)


The new positions are shown below:

Category: Direction Sense

6.A woman wants to go to the market to the east of her home and leaves her home towards south at 11 am. She reaches a junction from where the road to the left takes her to the grocer and one on the right takes her to the salon. If she goes straight she could reach office in 10 minutes. In which direction is the market with respect to her position?

a) East
b) West
c) Northwest
d) Northeast

Answer (d)


 Category: Ranking

i)  Six students P, Q, R, S, T and U participated in a self-evaluation test of English and Reasoning.
ii) The total marks of P in English and was just above R and in Reasoning just above U.
iii) Q was just above R in Reasoning but he scored less than S in English.
iv) U got more marks than S and T in Reasoning, but did not perform as well in English as in Reasoning as compared to S and T.
v) No one is in between R and S in English and R and P in Reasoning.

7.Who got the highest marks in Reasoning?

a) A
b) B
c) C
d) Data inadequate

Answer (b)

8.Which of the following students has scored the least in Reasoning?

a) Only D
b) Only E
c) Only D or E
d) None of these

Answer (c)


Category: Blood relation

Directions (Questions 9 - 10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it:

A 7 B means A is the mother of B.
A 5 B means A is the sister of B.
A 3 B means A is the father of B.
A 9 B means A is the brother of B.

9.Which of the following means that N is the maternal uncle of M?

a)  N 9 P 5 L 7 E 5 M
b)  N 5 Y 7 A 9 M
c)  N 9 C 7 F 3 M
d)  None of these

Answer (a)


Though gender of M is not known but N remains maternal uncle of M.

10.How is A related to E in A 7 B 3 C 5 D 9 E?

a)  Mother
b)  Grandmother
c)  Sister
d)  Sister in law

Answer (b)


 Though gender of E is not known but A remains to be a grandmother.


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