What is a Group Discussion and its purpose?

Mar 14, 2016 15:41 IST

In an Interview conducted by, Karishma Gaur, English Language Expert (CELTA Certified) gives her insights on what is a Group Discussion and its purpose!

Key points Discussed in the Video:

Purpose of a Group Discussion

  • Helps in deciding the B-School, if you are a good fit for them or not?
  • Assists in finding what kind of person you are
  • Make you more comfortable to talk about yourself and different topics
  • Enables in checking the spontaneity of thoughts and your wittiness
  • Checks your knowledge base

Process of a Group Discussion:

  • You would be sitting in a room with 7-12 participants
  • You would have a moderator (either physical or digital)
  • You would be given a topic by the moderator to speak upon
  • You would also be given minute(s) time to think on the topic
  • A specified time limit to discuss the topics
  • To end the discussion you would be pinged.
  • Before the discussion ends, the moderator might signal you in advance, or he/she might simply say “STOP” to end the discussion

How you are assessed when you speak in GD

  • Showcase your best skills
  • Present an X-factor in you
  • Present views in a politically correct manner
  • Do not resort to sarcasm and insult
  • Do not fell scared due to the pressure of performing in the group
  • It is not about being outspoken or extrovert but being honest and sincere about a discussion

Preparation Tips:

  • Conduct mock discussion with friends who are honest and sincere
  • Talk on variety of topics such as movies, national and international phenomenon
  • Discuss with even those who contradict with you and learn how not to offend anyone even if you are not at the same frequency with theirs.

What is the basis of Selection in a GD?

  • Either you performed really well amongst your group participants, or
  • You spoke some relevant and unique points even if you did not articulated them well

Takeaway: Selection for the next round would depend on “What you spoke and how you spoke it

To gain more resourceful insights about the GD, do watch the video.