Why Essay Writing (WAT) is important in the MBA Entrance Exams?

Feb 22, 2017 11:50 IST

In an Interview conducted by, Alok Bansal, Director IMS (Delhi Region) talks about Why MBA Essays are important.

Key points Discussed in the Video:

  1. Why Essays are important in the MBA Entrance Exams?


  • Some Students who participate in the GD (Group Discussion) overpower the other students while expressing their thoughts
  • Although, the dormant students possess content required to speak in GD, but poor oratory skills inhibit their performance
  • Students, these days are increasingly getting coached by professional Experts to speak in GDs
  • Hence, GD became a challenging exercise for the Evaluator to analyze the true colors of the students.

Inference: Group Discussion turned out to be a superficial exercise for evaluating potential students.

Most important WAT Topics of 2016-17 for MBA Admissions


  • Essay Writing should be given to students in MBA Entrance

MBA Essay Writing/WAT is important because:

  • It helps in judging the quality of the content possessed by the candidate
  • An essay is an introspection of your own thoughts and opinions over an issue
  • Supports in understanding your inference/conclusion upon an issues
  • It provides a platform to showcase your thoughts in an elaborate manner

Which is tough to crack: CAT Exam or GD/PI/WAT round

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