Why Parenting Goals matter for Working Couples?

Know someone who is struggling to raise kids along with the job? Read on to find out the parenting goals of working couples for 2018.

Created On: Jan 16, 2021 12:09 IST
Why Parenting Goals matter for Working Couples?
Why Parenting Goals matter for Working Couples?

Parenting is the second full time job at home especially when you are a working couple! When kids grow, their circle also expands and they gradually begin to learn new things. In this process, they acquire both the good and the bad. And as a parent, it is important to build an intimate connection with them. Talk to kids daily to filter the delinquencies from their behaviour and fine tune the growing-up process. Providing right direction and mingling with them, helping them in school projects, preparing meal plan for the week so that they don’t get bored eating the same meals every day, knowing their friends and introducing them to the new ways of life; all of this requires great time and patience.

With so much to do in so less time, parenting goals have become the need of the hour to serve the kids perfectly. All parent want their kids to perform exceedingly well among others. To make 2018 a special year for your kids, take a look at the parenting goals and enjoy happy New Year:

Here a top 5 Parenting Goals for working couples:

1. Communicate with your child daily

Always give your kids a platform wherein they never feel reluctant to discuss any issue with you. Be it the news of rape or a fact shared about sex by his/her friend, speak the true facts and don’t ever mislead or ignore them. Kids are full of curiosity, if you won’t share the right information, they will find some or the other source to learn the facts; and unfortunately, the source might provide wrong information.

Stay connected with them throughout the day. Mobile has made everything possible and there are several ways to keep a check on your kid. Share stories with them that they connect with and they feel safe to share their problems and issues.

2. Enrol him/her to hobby classes

 The best way to plan a lucrative future for your child is to enrol them in hobby classes. They will make friends and build a healthy circle. Kids learn more by seeing others kids of their age perform. They get a motivation to outperform others. Be it dancing, singing, painting, pottery making or martial arts, there is no better way to give them edutainment and save them from wasting their time and energy in watching television and playing ungrateful games in smartphones.

Take out sometime from your busy work schedule and scout for hobby classes near your vicinity. These days even hobby teachers provide home tuitions. But this is a bit expensive option then sending the child to the learning centers. Choose wisely and make 2018 wonderful for your kid.

3. Build a Relationship with Teachers

At work, if you have a dab hand at relationship marketing, then building relationship with teacher is a cakewalk. Teachers are the only source that will give you correct information about the social behaviour and performance of your child. Academic performance and active participation in extra-curricular activities are the prime foundation of the growing-up years. Interact with the teacher not just during the ‘parent-teacher meeting’ hours but also during the ‘zero-hours’ if school allows for it. If your child is not able to perform well in a particular subject, do not directly approach the principle to compliant against the teacher. Try to harmonise the situation with the teacher first. Don’t play the fault finder, play the role of the trouble shooter like you do at workplace.

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4. Push kids to become Independent

Like a caterpillar struggles to move out of the cocoon to become a butterfly, let your kid also deal with life on their own for a while. But don’t forget that the butterfly keeps an eye on the cocoon when the caterpillar struggles. So keep an eye on your kid and help them if necessary. Don’t leave them entirely on their own. If your kid wants to organise a birthday party at home, ask them to prepare the meal plan, organise a list of guests, and make a list of items required for the decoration and things alike. They will learn to take responsibility and will feel confident. Meanwhile, teach them new skills that will help them organise party in a better way.

Delegating tasks to the kids and assigning them responsibilities will make them independent and reliable. They will become your helping hand at managing the household while taking care of the academics.

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5. Take interest in their social circle

When you kid tells you that his friend is learning to ride a bike at the age of 10, do not ignore the talk, or scold him. Get genuinely interested in all the stories and trivia. Invite his/her friends at home and develop bonding with them. If not possible then make sure that you know each and every friend of your child by name. Don’t force them to alienate from certain friends ever. This will negatively motivate them to continue friendship with those people only.

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