World This Week: 19 December-25 December 2011

Dec 29, 2011 17:11 IST

A compilation of all the important topics and events of the week is given here. Update your Current Affairs Weekly with our World This Week.

19 December 2011
•    As per the Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index, Thailand was ranked as the most generous nation in terms of donating charity.

20 December 2011
•    Jacob E. Goldman, a founder of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) that developed breakthrough computing innovations died.
•    UN Security Council extended mandate of UN political mission in Burundi.
•    Morocco banned EU fishing vessels operating in its waters.

21 December 2011
•    Pakistan defeated Bangladesh by seven wickets in the second and final cricket Test in Dhaka and thus swept the series 2-0
•    Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences chose Apple co-founder Steve Jobs to be posthumously honoured with a Grammy award for his contribution to music technology.
•    Iran's former Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Wilayati on 21 December 2011 released a 1000-year-old manuscript, Nahjul Balagha.
•    CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organisation) agreed to tighten rules for opening extra-regional Military Bases in its Territory.

22 December 2011
•    Scientists found link between biological clock and sugar metabolism.

23 December 2011
•    The US government lifted most of its sanctions on Libya.

24 December 2011
•    The Memory Gene Npas4 was found by the Neuroscientists. 

25 December 2011
•    Taufik Hidayat defeated Sourabh Verma of India at the 2011 $120,000 Syed Modi India Open Grand Prix Gold badminton championship.
•    Genetic tests developed by Scientists to detect Breast Cancer.


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