World This Week: 23 April-29 April 2012

You can read compilation of all the important topics and events of the week. Update your Current Affairs Weekly with our World This Week.

May 1, 2012 15:55 IST
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A compilation of all the important topics and events of the week is given here. Update your Current Affairs Weekly with our World This Week.

23 April, 2012
•    Afghanistan and the United States agreed the contents of a long-awaited deal to define their relationship after most foreign troops leave at the end of 2014
•    Aung San Suu Kyi's party announced it would postpone its parliamentary debut, in the first sign of discord between Myanmar's newly-elected opposition and reformist government
•    Charles Colson, a Watergate scandal conspirator who emerged from prison to become an evangelical Christian leader, died

24 April, 2012
•    The leader of Iceland's government when the nation's banking system collapsed was convicted of one criminal charge, cleared on four others and faced no punishment
•    U.S. President Barack Obama ordered new sanctions on Syria and Iran
•    George Zimmerman (28), the Hispanic man who shot dead African-American Trayvon Martin (17) sparking off the year's biggest debate on racial tensions in the United States, was set free on bail
•    A voracious virus attack hit computers running key parts of Iran's oil sector, forcing authorities to unplug its main oil export terminal from the Internet and to set up a cyber crisis team

25 April, 2012
•    South Sudan's leader accused Sudan of declaring war as Khartoum's fighter jets bombed border regions in defiance of international calls for restraint
•    A car bomb rocked central Damascus, a day after nearly 60 people were killed across Syria despite a hard-won ceasefire and the coming deployment of 300 U.N. peace monitors.
•    A delegation of Indian MPs met Sri Lankan President Mahenda Rajpaksa
•    At least two persons were killed and 25 injured in a bomb explosion inside the Lahore railway station

26 April, 2012
•    The Maldivian Parliament ratified the appointment of the Vice-President and Cabinet Ministers
•    A high-level group of Afghan, Pakistani and American officials met for the first time since September 2011 for talks on the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan
•    US pressed criminal charges against BP engineer, Kurt Mix (51) for obstructing justice by deleting communications regarding the true size of the worst spill in the history of US

27 April, 2012
•    Liberian ex-leader Charles Taylor was convicted of arming rebels during Sierra Leone's civil war in return for blood diamonds
•     Rupert Murdoch admitted there was a “cover-up” at the News of the World over the scale of phone hacking by its journalists and said he wished he had closed it much earlier
•    The war crimes tribunal of Bangladesh convicted the Editor of the mouthpiece of the fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami of contempt
•    Pakistan made it clear that a new arrangement would have to be drawn up for the transit of supplies to the U.S.-led NATO troops in Afghanistan through Pakistani territory

28 April, 2012
•    25000 people staged Malaysia’s one of the largest street protest in years
•    The former IMF head Robert Strauss Kahn blamed Nicholas Sarkozy for fuelling the sex scandal against him
•    Bangladesh Nationalist Party called for a two-day strike as their deadline for the rescue of their disappearing leader expired today

29 April, 2012
•    Church services in Nigeria attacked, killing around 20 people
•    Cambodian force exchanged fire with Thai forces along their border
•    Laxmi Nivas Mittal topped the list of rich Britishers


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