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      Salary and Allowances of SBI PO

      FEB 06, 2019

      There are many perks and benefits associated with largest commercial bank of India. Here we are providing salary structure, allowances of SBI PO job.

      5 Reasons why Females should join SBI

      JUL 16, 2018

      SBI is extra sensitive towards the problems of female employees and that is evident from its sabbatical leave policy.Here are reasons for females to join SBI.

      10 Reasons to join SBI as PO

      MAR 05, 2018

      There are various reasons to join this bank and we shall look at the most compelling of them in this article so that candidates get motivated to work harder to get into the prestigious bank.

      Talent Retention Scheme in SBI: A Step in Right Direction

      FEB 26, 2018

      In order to retain talent rand motivate its employees, State Bank of India (SBI) is planning to offer up to 3% of annual profit to employees.

      SBI PO: Is it a target based job?

      FEB 23, 2018

      In SBI as PO you have to sell the products as well as have to do your bit of cross-selling. The silver lining is that you are not in the line of fire if you are not able to achieve your targets. Most of the targets are achievable so no need to worry.

      SBI may allow women employees ‘work from home’ option in near future!

      FEB 21, 2018

      To retain women employees in the bank, SBI plan to launch work from facility. This gives one more reason to female candidates to join SBI.

      Is there any Bond Period in SBI PO?

      JAN 05, 2018

      SBI PO Prelims examination 2018 is scheduled to be held in the month of April. Now candidates have so many queries regarding service conditions in SBI. Here we are providing details on the bond period in SBI.

      Bank PO vs Bank SO: Which one you should opt for?

      DEC 12, 2017

      In this article, we shall try to answer this doubt by discussing various pros and cons about both the profiles so that you can make an informed choice.

      Do Government Banks Share Profits with Employees?

      DEC 06, 2017

      SBI has already sent the written proposal to Ministry of Finance to introduce a profit sharing scheme with its employees.  The proposal is still pending with the Ministry.

      IBPS SO VII 2017-18: New Exam Pattern and Syllabus

      NOV 24, 2017

      The IBPS SO exam will be conducted in two phases i.e Prelims and Mains. Here are detailed exam pattern and syllabus of IBPS SO VII exam.

      SBI : Medical benefit Schemes for employees

      NOV 09, 2017

      Medical services include all medical requirements/ medical complication of an employee. Here we are discussing the provisions in the medical facility scheme for SBI employees.

      Arundhati Bhattacharya: A Legend in Indian Banking industry

      MAY 08, 2017

      A good leader can see the future and also helps the followers to get adapted to that as easily and seamlessly as possible. The present SBI Chairman has done exactly the same.

      How is Bank officer training conducted?

      APR 14, 2017

      Jagranjosh team has come up with an article to trench the curiosity of IBPS/SBI Aspirants about the training session held after the selection. In this article, Various training methods are explained from the time of joining till the Deputation.

      Which one is better between IT Inspector through SSC and SBI PO?

      APR 07, 2017

      In this article, we have made a comparison between SSC IT inspector and SBI PO on the basis of offered salary, perks, place of postings, transfer policy and recruitment body. Get full story.

      Chanda Kochhar: Shaping the Retail Banking Sector in India

      MAR 08, 2017

      The success of the present MD-CEO of India’s second largest bank is not only driving the retail banking to the top but also making it happen when it was very difficult to make inroads in the retail banking sector in India.

      SBI PO or SBI Clerk Which one is more suitable for Women?

      MAR 01, 2017

      In this article, we shall compare the job profile of clerk and probationary officer in the largest commercial bank in the country from the perspective of a woman.

      SBI PO The Best Bank PO Job you can have

      FEB 06, 2017

      SBI PO job is one of the most sought after jobs among banking aspirants because of more salary than other public sector banks along with plenty of opportunities for growth and promotion in career. So, is it really worth what it is held in such high esteem for? Let us look at the pros and cons.

      Preparing for Civil Services along with Bank jobs: Is it possible

      DEC 29, 2016

      It may be difficult to prepare for civil services along with bank job but with proper time management and dedication working candidates or banking professional can crack civil services examination.

      SBI PO vs. IBPS PO: A Comparison in Detail!

      DEC 13, 2016

      As an officer of a PSB in the country, you get a decent salary to live a decent life. Obviously, salary is less than that of a SBI Officer and allowances are also not as good as SBI. However, you get mostly similar allowances in all Public sector banks.

      SBI PO or IT Guy: Which is better?

      AUG 19, 2016

      Both the banking and private IT industry has its pros and cons and thus requires much deliberation before choosing any of these as career. The job security and growth always remains the key areas in any job opportunity which the candidates look out for. In case of SBI PO, the job security is much better than that of any post in the private sector IT industry.]

      Why still the ratio of women working in banking sector is less?

      AUG 05, 2016

      Banks are gradually taking note of various issues facing by women in public sector banks and are implementing policies in order to retain talent in the future. But why are there so few women bankers in India? Let us find out the possible reasons.

      Banking Jobs 2016-17: 42000 vacancies to be filled in Banking industry this year

      AUG 05, 2016

      As per a tentative estimate, about 39,000 bank employees are expected to retire in the current financial year, of which around 18,500 are at posted at officer level, while 14,500 will be pensioned off at clerical level.

      SBI PO Supplementary Preliminary Examination will be conducted on 23rd July 2016 in J&K

      JUL 18, 2016

      It has been decided to conduct a Supplementary Preliminary Examination for such candidates who could not appear in Preliminary Examination conducted on 9th July 2016 in Srinagar city.

      Differences between the examination pattern of SBI PO and IBPS PO

      JUN 28, 2016

      The SBI PO examination pattern and marks allocation for the subjects has recently changed and thus it has significant differences from the IBPS PO selection. This article would look after the differences in the pattern for both the exams and allow the candidates to understand the basic differences and ways to approach the exam.

      Why Engineering graduates are looking for banking sector jobs?

      JUN 28, 2016

      In the interview level itself, it is observed that number of engineers is there to be interviewed in order to get a place in banking sector. This is a pretty new trend specially after the boom of IT industry in India in the first decade of the 21st century. People were then reluctant to even think about banking, however, now they are mainly focused on banking after degree. Why?

      Merger of 5 associates and Bharatiya Mahila Bank with SBI: Impact and Consequences

      JUN 15, 2016

      There are many banks in India for responding to the local needs as well as international aspirations. But the international footprint of Indian banks has not been at a desirable level at all. The merger is seen as the first step towards the much hyped consolidation move in the Indian banking industry.

      Are private sector banks giving more growth in terms of salary rather than Public sector Banks?

      JUN 14, 2016

      If we compare the entry level, the average CTC in a PSB will be around 5.7 lakhs whereas the private sector pays around 4 lakhs per annum to its freshers but once you climb up the corporate ladder, the Chairman of SBI gets around 24 lakhs in compensation compared to around 5.2 crore for her counterpart in ICICI bank.

      Why do candidates choose Banking after Engineering?

      JUN 09, 2016

      The increasing numbers of bank jobs due to opening up of new branches of the public and private sector banks, more and more candidates are joining the banking sector after completing professional courses such as Engineering and MBA. The better career and pay promise of the banks are luring the candidates towards its ambit along with development in the overall technology of banking and its operation. More candidates, due to the lack of proper job market in engineering, are shifting base to join the banking sector.

      Working Conditions of Women in Public Sector Banks: A Detailed Study

      JUN 07, 2016

      Public Sector Banks have seen very few women in the top as well as middle managements cadres in the recent years though the participation of women workforce in other sectors is noteworthy. PSBs have a number of reasons to take care of the same.

      SBI: The Bank Offers Maximum Package of 12.93 lakh

      JUN 03, 2016

      Though the name and the brand of the SBI speak for itself, the compensation package offered by the bank is very good and it is something that should motivate you to go for the job with your full efforts.