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NASA's Kepler Mission discovers nearly 100 new exoplanets

Feb 18, 2018
An international team of scientists have confirmed the discovery of nearly 100 new exoplanets. The discovery was based on the data from the second mission of NASA's Kepler Space Telescope or K2 released in 2014.

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Space Department tasked to deliver 3 earth observation, 2 communication satellites by next fiscal

Feb 6, 2018
The Department of Space has been tasked with achieving high targets including delivering three earth observation satellites and two communication satellites by next fiscal year. It also has to deliver nine earth observation/communications payloads and information support for five disaster events under the design and development of applications for earth observation, communication and disaster management scheme.

Total Lunar eclipse, Super Blue Blood Moon to be seen around the world

Jan 31, 2018
In a rare celestial occurrence, people around the world would be able to witness a total lunar eclipse and a super blue moon today, January 31, 2018. The event is being termed as a super blue blood moon and would be a rare lunar event to watch.

S Somanath takes charge as VSSC Director

Jan 24, 2018
Renowned scientist, S Somanath took charge as the Director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, succeeding K Sivan who was recently appointed as ISRO Chairman. The space centre is Indian Space Research organisation’s lead centre for launch vehicles.

NASA's new telescope to solve universe’s greatest mysteries

Dec 28, 2017
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, is planning to launch a next-generation space telescope that will provide the largest picture of the universe ever seen, with the same depth and clarity as the Hubble Space Telescope.

World's space agencies propose creation of a space climate observatory

Dec 15, 2017
According to a declaration that was adopted on 11 December, the heads of world space agencies have proposed the creation of a climate observatory to combine acquired data and share it with scientists around the globe.

Jupiter’s Moon may have similar plate tectonics as Earth

Dec 5, 2017
According to a new research, the icy shell of Jupiter’s moon Europa may have plate tectonics similar to those on Earth, which could have important implications for the possibility of life in the ocean thought to exist beneath the moon's surface.

Pluto may have liquid water oceans, suggests NASA study

Dec 2, 2017
According to a new NASA study, some of the icy worlds outside our solar system including Pluto may have liquid water oceans beneath their surface. The study stated that the heat generated by the gravitational pull of moons formed from massive collisions could extend the lifetimes of liquid water oceans beneath the surface of these large icy worlds.

New study discovers that ‘flowing water’ on Mars may be sand and dust

Nov 22, 2017
According to a study published in the journal Nature Geoscience, dark features earlier thought to be evidence of liquid water flowing on Mars may actually be granular flows comprising sand and dust.

International Seminar on Indian Space Programme inaugurated in Delhi

Nov 21, 2017
The International Seminar on Indian Space Programme: ‘Trends and Opportunities for Industry’ was inaugurated in New Delhi. The main objective of the two-day conference was to deliberate on the best practises and pursue ongoing discussion process to support further work of India's Space Sector.

Astronomers discover a pair of rare massive, hyper-luminous galaxies

Nov 15, 2017
Astronomers have for the first time spotted two hyper-luminous starburst galaxies, extremely bright and spectacularly massive galaxies, in the early universe.

Morocco launches earth observation satellite

Nov 9, 2017
Morocco has successfully launched an earth observation satellite called “Mohammed VI-A”. The satellite was launched by European consortium Arianespace's Vega rocket from French Guyana Space Centre.

India, South Africa to collaborate on multi-radio telescope project

Nov 6, 2017
India would be participating in the multi-nation Square Kilometre Array (SKA) - a large multi-radio telescope project aimed to be built in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, where the view of the Milky Way Galaxy is best and radio interference least.

Massive black holes might lurk on edge of galaxies like Milky Way

Nov 1, 2017
According to a study led by an Indian-origin researcher, the outskirts of spiral galaxies like Milky Way could be crowded with colliding black holes of massive proportions.

India's Space mission to Moon 'Chandrayaan- II' in 2018: Dr Jitendra Singh

Oct 24, 2017
India’s second space mission to moon, ‘Chandrayaan-II’, will take place in 2018, most likely in the first quarter of the year. This was shared by Atomic Energy and Space Minister Jitendra Singh while addressing the inaugural session of the 38th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing at New Delhi.

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