Andhra Pradesh Government launches multi-utility vehicle Naipunya Ratham

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on March 22, 2018 launched the Naipunya Ratham, a multi-utility vehicle.

As part of the ‘Smart Village Smart Ward Programme’ of the state, the Naipunya Rathams will facilitate and look to improve digital literacy and digital skills. The State Government has allotted Rs 300 crore for the project and will be setting up 1000 skill development centres soon.

About Naipunya Ratham

• Also known as 'World on Wheels (WoW)', Naipunya Ratham is aimed at taking technology and innovation to the remote corners of the State.

• The first phase of the Naipunya Ratham launch will cover 13 districts and 28 smart villages in collaboration with Hewlett Packard (HP), Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India and Guide Foundation for Development.

• World on Wheels Lab is a 20-seater Bus with enabled digital facilities and learning lab equipped with smart technology gadgets as well as with e-learning tools like HP Classroom Manager, HP Video Book and HP Life.



• Naipunya Ratham will cater to the needs of all the sections of the society, even schoolchildren can avail technical and educational information, youth can use it for their skill development purposes.

• It aims to create opportunities in underserved communities and empower people everywhere to build a better and more prosperous life.

• Around 10 lakh people across the State will undergo skill development training in the year 2018-19 through this vehicle.

• Vehicle also possesses excellent system for entertainment purposes as well.

Naipunya Ratham as part of HP's commitment to promote digital literacy

Naipunya Ratham or 'World on Wheels is a part of HP's commitment to build and deploy 48 Internet-enabled digital inclusion and learning labs in PPP model, aimed at driving digital literacy, E education, Entrepreneurship training and other citizen services in rural India.

The government will soon roll out 12 more Naipunya Rathams in the State by May 2018.


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