Facebook ties-up with National Women Commission to launch digital literacy programme

Social networking giant Facebook on May 31, 2018 partnered with the National Commission for Women (NCW) to launch a Digital Literacy Programme.

The Digital Literacy Programme will be launched in collaboration with the Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF). Cyber Peace Foundation is a Ranchi, Jharkhand-based civil society organisation involved in training related to all aspects of cyber security.

Digital Literacy Programme of Facebook

• As part of the digital literacy programme, awareness training will be conducted for 60000 women in universities across major cities in Haryana, Delhi-NCR, Manipur, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu over a one-year period.

• These interactive sessions will provide training on safe and responsible use of the internet, social media and email.

• The programme will enable the trainees to differentiate between credible and questionable information.

• CPF’s volunteers will effectively work with women’s groups to educate them and raise awareness on online safety.

• The training will be conducted in local languages.

What led to the partnership between Facebook and NCW?

With the evolution of internet age, opportunities for women are increasing immensely.

However, with more women going online, the National Commission for Women has witnessed a surge in cyber crime related complaints registered at the commission in the past three years.

Women are vulnerable to cybercrimes, fake news, hate speeches and cyber bullying which can have a disastrous effect on them. This calls for the protection of women, when they are online in a manner which enables them to freely express themselves and share their views.

Considering this, NCW partnered with Facebook to educate and train women about safe use of internet. Facebook truly believes that ‘Economies can grow well with the equal participation from women’ and this can fundamentally happen with the free and unconstrained presence of women on the internet.

National Commission for Women (NCW)

• NCW is a statutory body established under the National Commission for Women Act, 1990.

• It was established in January 1992 to review the constitutional and legal safeguards for women.

Objectives of the commission:
o To review the Constitutional and Legal safeguards for women
o To recommend remedial legislative measures
o To facilitate redressal of grievances
o To advise the Government on all policy matters affecting women


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