India is one of top global cybercrime hotspots: study

According to the latest study, Asia-Pacific region accounts for more than half of the world’s Internet users and is the biggest region globally in terms of e-commerce sales, has seen a massive rise in cybercrime.

As per the APAC Cybercrime Report 2017 by Threat Metrix, cybercrime in the Asia-Pacific region is growing with attacks becoming more organized and sophisticated. It is because of the rapid digital transformation spurred by massive economic growth.

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Key points of this Report

India, China, Japan, and Vietnam are now some of the top cybercrime hotspots in the world, with China ranking second behind the US as the biggest source of global threats.

This region continues to display its susceptibility to malware, with India, Indonesia, and the Philippines among the top countries with the maximum number of malware infections.

Online banking is a key target for fraudsters as they try to monetise stolen and spoofed identity credentials resulting from various data breaches around the world.

The report also shows the Interesting fact that as the holiday season advances, along with shoppers even cybercriminals try to capitalise on the online shopping frenzies.  As per the report's data, close to 260,000 daily attacks were detected and stopped in real-time.

This attack has increased 105 percent since 2015, demonstrating the Asia-Pacific region’s amplified vulnerability to cyber attacks.

The report also found that the APAC region persisting to see fabulous growth with overall transaction volume growing 62 percent over the previous year.

Mobile transactions make up 46 percent of overall transaction volume, and continue to grow year-on-year, increasing 56 percent since 2015.


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