India to add 14 lakh IT jobs in new-age technologies by 2027: Study

India will generate over14 lakh new IT jobs by 2027 driven by demand for a skilled workforce in emerging technologies such as cyber security, Internet of things (IoT) and Big Data, as per a Cisco-led study that released on November 15, 2018.

The global networking giant Cisco had commissioned International Data Corporation (IDC) to conduct the study.

The Study: Key Findings

According to the study, jobs like social media administrator, Machine Learning (ML) designer and IoT designer will be the most in-demand job roles in the country in the coming years.

The study showed that nearly 89 per cent of the hiring managers reported a higher level of trust on candidates having certifications, while 88 per cent of customers experienced an improvement in the level of service and support to end users.

It revealed that nearly a fifth of employees self-funded their certification courses while about 50 per cent of them underwent some training in 2017.

The study also revealed that as skill sets required in the digital age change for most industries, it is also transforming how and where people work.

As a result, IT organisations might find it difficult to fill the niche roles that call for upskilling the employee skill sets through certification programmes.


A Nasscom report in July highlighted the fact that nearly 1.4 lakh jobs are vacant in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics segment across various sectors in the country, out of the total demand of 5.1 lakh employees.

The report revealed that of the total demand, only 3.7 lakh jobs are filled.

By 2021, the employee deficit would increase to 2.3 lakh, as the total demand goes up to around 8 lakh employees, as per the report.

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