Indian Navy to urgently procure 10 ship-based drones

Indian Navy has pushed forward a proposal to urgently acquire 10 ship-borne drones that will help the force keep a close eye on the activities of the adversaries. 

The procurement order is aimed at boosting the surveillance capabilities of the Indian Navy against enemy warships operating in the Indian Ocean Region. 

The proposal has been fast-tracked by the Indian Navy before the Defence Ministry. The proposal comprises plans to procure 10 naval ship-based Unmanned Aerial Systems for over Rs 1,240 crores. 

Why does the Indian Navy require the drones urgently?

As per reports, the Indian Navy plans to deploy the drones on big size naval warships. The drones will help the warships in the detection of activities by Chinese as well as other adversaries in and around Indian territorial waters.


The Indian Navy is likely to procure the drones through an open bid as per plans and deploy them on its warship for surveillance purposes and reconnaissance activities. 


The Indian Navy is also working on a project to acquire 'Sea Guardian Drones' from the United States to expand its surveillance capabilities. The Navy is also getting its existing drones upgraded as a part of an upgrade programme that was recently implemented after talks with the Union Defence Ministry. 

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