NMCG approves projects worth Rs 150 crore for cleaning Ganga River and its banks

The National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) on August 28, 2018 approved projects worth nearly Rs 150 crores to clean Ganga River and its banks in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal under the Namami Gange programme.

The decision was taken during the 5th Executive Committee of the NMCG in New Delhi.

Key Highlights

These projects include Interception and Diversion (I&D) works where small rivers, rivulets and drains are intercepted before they empty into the main river and are diverted to Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), so that the water that finally drains into the main river is clean and totally devoid of any pollutants.

The projects also include Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)and development of Ghats.

The state wise details of the projects are as follows:


  • An Interception and Diversion (I&D) project was approved for Rispana and Bindal Rivers in Dehradun at an estimated cost of Rs 60 crores.
  • The wastewater from these rivers ultimately meets Ganga between Haridwar and Rishikesh through the Song River.
  • Once executed, this project will tap 117 naalas and drains carrying untreated wastewater.
  • A Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) will be built with 1 Million Litre Per day (MLD) capacity to treat some of this wastewater while 28 MLD will be treated at the existing STPs.

Uttar Pradesh

  • The development of Ghats in Mirzapur was approved at an estimated cost of Rs 27.41 crore under the Clean Ganga Fund.
  • The project includes the renovation, extension and widening of the Ghats as well as provision of amenities, landscaping and embankment construction.
  • It also includes refurbishment of Ram Gaya crematorium and construction of two new crematoriums.


  • The NMCG approved a 3.5 Million Litre Per day (MLD) capacity Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and its ancillary works, along with I&D work of sewer lines in Sonepur in Bihar at an estimated cost of Rs 30.92 crore.
  • The Project includes the cost of operations and maintenance (O&M) for 15 years.
  • Once completed, the STP will treat all the 5 drains of the city including RN Tagore School Drain, Ward 3-4 boundary, Grave yard ward 18, and Meena Bazaar.
  • All these drains presently carry untreated sewage into the river Mahe which discharges into river Gandak and finally into the Ganga.
  • The NMCG also approved the river front development project in Sonepur at an estimated cost of Rs 22.92 crore. This includes construction of a connecting promenade, embankment protection, and provision of amenities as well as landscaping along the ghats.
  • In addition, 8 ghats are already under construction under the Namami Gange programme at an estimated cost of 20 crores.

West Bengal

  • The Eexcutive Committee also gave go-ahead to the upgradation and renovation of Ghats and Crematoria at Katwa, Kalna, Agradwip and Dainhat in West Bengal.
  • These projects will be taken up under Clean Ganga Fund.
  • The combined cost of these projects is Rs 8.58 crores and includes embankment protection, provision of basic amenities at the Ghats, landscaping, electrical and allied works, renovation of existing structures etc at the various ghats.

Documentation of Cultural Heritage along River Ganga

  • The Executive Committee also accorded approval to the proposal to document the cultural heritage of River Ganga from Gaumukh to Gangasagar through INTACH.
  • The proposal seeks to develop an appreciation of the river as a cultural stream by documenting its associated cultural narrative, including features like an annual calendar of events and rituals.
  • This would cover archaeological heritage, intangible cultural heritage and environmental heritage.

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