Space Department tasked to deliver 3 earth observation, 2 communication satellites by next fiscal

In the presentation of Budget 2018-19, the Union Government allocated Rs 10,783 crore to the Department of Space for various space-related projects.

The Department has been tasked with achieving high targets including delivering three earth observation satellites and two communication satellites by next fiscal year.

Key Highlights

• The budget's total allocation for the Department of Space this time has gone up from last year’s allocation, which was Rs 9,155.52 crore.

• The three earth observation satellites to be delivered by the space department include:

- Four Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) flights

- Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark II

- Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III

• A sum of Rs 6,576.02 crore has been allocated for the launch of these earth observation satellites next year.

• For the purpose of completion and launch of two communication satellites in the next fiscal a sum of Rs 411.60 crore has been allotted.

Under the design and development of applications for earth observation, communication and disaster management scheme, the Department of Space has to deliver nine earth observation/communications payloads, information support for five disaster events, 8,500 maps to support national missions and users projects and 300,000 value-added products disseminated to users. The allocation for the same is Rs 1,746.25 crore.

Further, the Union government has allocated a sum of Rs 230.10 crore for undertaking space science missions and interplanetary expeditions, under which the Department of Space has to deliver:

- Indian lunar mission/Chandrayaan-II

- Readiness of two sub-systems for Aditya-L1 mission

- 35 publications from space science missions

- Release of two terabyte of space science-related data for public utilisation

- 250 research projects in academia supported through Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) programmes

Source: IANS

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