Suresh Prabhu launches Coffee Connect app, Coffee KrishiTharanga services for coffee stakeholders

Union Minister for Commerce & Industry, Suresh Prabhu on September 4, 2018 launched Coffee Connect mobile app and digital mobile extension services ‘Coffee KrishiTharanga’ for coffee stakeholders.

‘Coffee Connect’ mobile app

The ‘Coffee Connect’ mobile app has been developed to ease the work of field functionaries and to improve the work efficiency.

The application provides solution by harnessing the power of mobility comprising the latest technology in easing the whole process of the field activities like digitisation of Coffee Growers & Estates with Geo Tagging, collecting the Plantation details.

It will also help in boosting transparency in the activities of the extension officers and officials, transparency in subsidy disbursement and real time report generation.

Coffee KrishiTharanga services

The Coffee KrishiTharanga services are aimed at providing customised information and services to increase productivity, profitability, and environmental sustainability.

The “Coffee KrishiTharanga” was pilot tested in the Chikmagalur and Hassan districts of Karnataka, covering 30000 farmers during the first year and will now be extended to remaining growers in a phased manner. NABARD has partly funded the Pilot project.

These services will help to reach maximum growers in limited period; improve the efficiency through digitization; and leverage existing mobile reach for wider delivery of improved technology.

Pilot projects on data analytics, artificial intelligence, IOTS and blockchain

Suresh Prabhu also launched pilot projects on data analytics, artificial intelligence, IOTS and blockchain.

The Coffee Board identified technological solutions to address some of the perennial coffee production and coffee farming issues such as rainfall, pests and diseases.

Coffee Board in collaboration with EKA Analytics, a global leader in the data analytics and artificial intelligence, developed the hyper local weather forecast, pest (white stem borer) identification and leaf rust disease forecast applications for pilot testing.

These initiatives are in line with PM Narendra Modi’s 'Digital India' programme

All these abovementioned initiatives are in line with PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative. The Coffee Board undertook key digital initiatives for the overall technological advancement of the coffee sector and value chain. These initiatives are aimed at benefiting all stakeholders in the coffee value chain.

Considering that the farmers are the end users, these technologies have been built on certain critical principles like ease of use, wider participation, maximization of reach and benefit.


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