Top 5 Current Affairs: 13 August 2020

SC to begin physical hearings from next week

Supreme Court to begin physical hearings from next week in some of its benches. The Physical Hearings have been suspended in the apex court for nearly six months due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the nationwide lockdown imposed across the country since March 25, the court has been observing virtual hearings .

Sale & Registration of Electric Vehicles without batteries allowed now

The Central Government has permitted the sale and registration of electric vehicles without batteries in India. The move is expected to reduce the upfront cost of electric vehicles as the cost of pre-fitted batteries is almost 30-40% of the total cost of the vehicles. The batteries can now be provided by the companies separately.

US relaxes H-1B visa ban, allows visa holders to return to jobs

US Administration relaxes the H-1B visa ban, permitting the visa holders to return to the same jobs they had before the visa ban.Moreover, the dependents of the visa holders such as spouses and children are also permitted to travel back to the United States along with primary H-1B visa holders. US President Donald Trump had banned the H-1B visa on June 22, 2020.

Assam to launch Arunodoi Scheme to provide financial assistance

Assam Government is set to launch the Arunodoi Scheme with effect from October 2, 2020 to provide financial assistance to over 15 lakh families in the state. The scheme will help these families to buy essential food items. Under the scheme, Rs 830 per month will be provided to 17 lakh families in the state.

Transparent Taxation-Honoring the Honest platform launched by PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi launched the 'Transparent Taxation-Honoring the Honest' platform that introduces faceless appeal, faceless assessment and charter of taxpayers. The faceless assessment and taxpayers' charter features are available from immediate effect. The faceless appeal reform will be available from 25th September.

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