Top Current Affairs Quiz: 30 November 2018

30 November 2018: The Current Affairs Quizzes section of Jagranjosh aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise the day at ease. The day’s updated quizzes cover the topics like single emergency number 112, G20 summit 2018 and Schedule VIII of the Constitution among others.

1. Which state became the first Indian state to launch a single emergency number ‘112’?
a) Himachal Pradesh
b) West Bengal
c) Tamil Nadu
d) Uttar Pradesh

2. Which country hosted the G20 summit 2018?
a) Australia
b) Argentina
c) Russia
d) Denmark

3. Which city hosted the first-ever Sustainable Blue Economy Conference 2018?
a) New Delhi
b) New York
c) Nairobi
d) Cape Town

4. Which movie won the coveted Golden Peacock Award at the 49th IFFI 2018?
a) Walking with the Wind
b) Ee Ma Yau
c) When the Trees Fall
d) Donbass

5. Which nation’s Parliament has passed a motion to repeal the age limit of presidential candidacy?
a) Malaysia
b) Maldives
c) Sri Lanka
d) Indonesia

6. The United Kingdom has reached a post-Brexit aviation agreement with which nation?
a) United States
b) France
c) Germany
d) Japan

7. How many languages are listed as official Indian languages under Schedule VIII of the Constitution?
a) 24
b) 22
c) 36
d) 16

8. Which state has announced that it will provide free mobile phones to 28 lakh farmers to boost agriculture growth?
a) Chhattisgarh
b) Maharashtra
c) Rajasthan
d) Jharkhand

9. Which nation’s air force will engage with the Indian air force in a joint exercise called 'Cope India 2019'?
a) China
b) South Korea
c) US
d) Australia

10. According to WHO, which nation’s Ebola outbreak has become the second-largest in history?
a) Uganda
b) Zambia
c) Congo
d) Sudan


1. (a) Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh became the first Indian state to launch a pan-India single emergency number '112' where all kinds of immediate help can be sought in urgent matters. Under this project, an Emergency Response Centre (ERC) has been established in Shimla along with 12 District Command Centres (DCCs), covering the entire state.

2. (b) Argentina
The G20 summit 2018 was held at Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 30 under the theme ‘Building Consensus for Fair and Sustainable Development’. The annual meeting was attended by leaders of the top 20 economies of the world including India PM Narendra Modi.

3. (c) Nairobi
In Kenya, the first-ever Sustainable Blue Economy Conference 2018 was held in Nairobi from November 26 to 28 with theme ‘The Blue Economy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’. The global conference was organized by Kenya, with Canada and Japan as co-hosts.

4. (d) Donbass
Ukrainian film ‘Donbass’, directed by Sergei Loznitsa, won the coveted Golden Peacock Award at the 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI-2018) in Goa on November 28. The award carries a cash prize of Rs 40 lakhs, a trophy and a citation.

5. (b) Maldives
Maldives Parliament has passed a motion with the required three-fourths majority to repeal the age limit of the presidential candidacy. The motion, which proposed to repeal the constitutional amendment banning those above 65 years of age from contesting the presidential elections, was passed 72 members voting in its favour in 85-member Majlis.

6. (a) United States
The United States and the United Kingdom's delegations have wrapped up discussions on a bilateral aviation agreement that would take effect after Brexit, when the existing US- EU agreement will no longer apply to the United Kingdom. The agreement also opens all-cargo service opportunities and covers the British overseas territories and crown dependencies.

7. (b) 22
The Union Government has launched a unique initiative called Bhasha Sangam to introduce school students to all the official Indian languages. This initiative has been taken up, as there are 22 languages listed in Schedule VIII of the Constitution but most students are familiar with only one or two languages.

8. (d) Jharkhand
Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das has announced that the government will provide free mobile phones to 28 lakh farmers and a separate electric feeder for them for agriculture purpose by 2019/2021. The move will help the farmers know about the market rates and other information relating to agriculture.

9. (c) US
The air forces of the United States and India are scheduled to participate in a 12-day long joint exercise Cope India 2019 at two air force stations in West Bengal in December 2018. The exercise focuses on enhancing mutual cooperation between the US and India and building on the existing capabilities, aircrew tactics and force employment.

10. (c) Congo
The World Health Organization has said that Congo's deadly Ebola outbreak is now the second largest in history, behind the devastating West Africa outbreak that killed thousands a few years ago. According to Congo’s health ministry, the total death toll has reached 426, among which 379 are confirmed cases and 47 are probable ones.

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