Top Current Affairs Quiz: 31 May 2018

31 May 2018: The Current Affairs Quizzes section of Jagranjosh aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise the day at ease. The day’s updated quizzes cover the topics like World No Tobacco Day, Housing for all-2018 and SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group Meeting among others.

1. Which Indian state notified its separate state symbols on May 30, 2018 post split in 2014?
a) Jharkhand
b) Uttarakhand
c) Telangana
d) Andhra Pradesh

2. The World No Tobacco Day is observed globally on which day?
a) May 30
b) May 31
c) June 1
d) May 28

3. India recently issued a special maritime cooperation statement with which nation?
a) Sri Lanka
b) Maldives
c) Indonesia
d) Bangladesh

4. The cabinet of which state has approved a comprehensive affordable housing policy ‘Housing for all-2018’?
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Haryana
d) Gujarat

5. Which Union Minister conferred the FICCI Smart Policing Awards 2018?
a) Rajnath Singh
b) Prakash Javadekar
c) Sushma Swaraj
d) Vijay Goel

6. The second SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group Meeting was held in which city?
a) Kabul
b) Beijing
c) New Delhi
d) Kuala Lumpur

7. Patanjali tied up with which telecom company to launch Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards?
c) Jio
d) Aircel

8. Which Indian cartoonist won the award in the best caricature category at the 2018 World Press Cartoon awards?
a) Satish Acharya
b) Thomas Antony
c) Pran Kumar Sharma
d) Kaak

9. India signed a loan agreement of how much amount with the World Bank for strengthening the public financial management in Rajasthan project?
a) USD 11.7 million
b) USD 20.1 million
c) USD 21.7 million
d) USD 23.8 million

10. The Gaj Yatra was rolled out from which North-east state by the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI)?
a) Manipur
b) Tripura
c) Sikkim
d) Meghalaya

11. When is the International Day of UN Peacekeepers observed every year?
a) May 28
b) May 29
c) May 30
d) May 31

12. Which Union Ministry signed MoU with the Uttar Pradesh Government for management of Widows’ Home in Vrindavan?
a) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
b) Ministry of Women and Child Development
c) Ministry of Home Affairs
d) Ministry of Rural Development


1. (d) Andhra Pradesh
The state of Andhra Pradesh has notified its separate state symbols post-split and creation of Telangana in 2014. The move comes four years after unified Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated into two states- Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in June, 2014.

2. (b) May 31
World No Tobacco Day was observed across the world on May 31, 2018. World No Tobacco Day 2018 aims to increase awareness on the link between tobacco and heart and other cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including stroke, which combined form the world’s leading causes of death.

3. (c) Indonesia
In the view of the growing geostrategic importance of the Indo-Pacific region, India and Indonesia issued a statement on "Shared Vision of Indo-Indonesia Maritime Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific". The statement read that the two oceans represent a combined maritime region that is important for global maritime trade and commerce.

4. (c) Haryana
The Haryana Cabinet on May 30, 2018 approved a comprehensive affordable housing policy - 'Housing for all-2018' for core areas of municipalities in the state. To implement the policy, the power under the Haryana Development and Regulations of Urban area Act, 1975, would be delegated by the Town and Country Planning Department to the Urban Local Bodies Department.

5. (d) Vijay Goel
The Union Statistics and Programme Implementation Minister Vijay Goel conferred the FICCI Smart Policing Awards 2018 to police officials of central armed police force and states police in New Delhi on May 31, 2018.

6. (b) Beijing
The second meeting of SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group was held in Beijing on May 28, 2018. This was the second meeting of the Contact Group following the expansion of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in June 2017 with India becoming its full member.

7. (a) BSNL
Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali recently launched Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards in alliance with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL). Initially, only the employees and office bearers of Patanjali will be able to avail the benefits of the SIM card.

8. (b) Thomas Antony
Kerala cartoonist Thomas Antony won an international award in the best caricature category. He is among the 9 winners at the 13th edition of the World Press Cartoon awards 2018, instituted by an organization based in Lisbon, Portugal.

9. (c) USD 21.7 million
India signed a loan agreement with the World Bank for USD 21.7 million for strengthening the public financial management in Rajasthan project in New Delhi on May 29, 2018. The objective of the project is to contribute to improved budget execution, enhanced accountability and greater efficiency in revenue administration in Rajasthan.

10. (d) Meghalaya
In the North-East, the Gaj Yatra has been rolled out by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) and the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) from Tura, the principal town of Garo Hills of Meghalaya on May 28, 2018. It is the part of an 18-month-long national campaign to protect India’s national heritage animal “elephants” and its habitat. The event involves taking an elephant mascot across districts frequented by jumbo herds for generating awareness among the people.

11. (b) May 29
The International Day of UN Peacekeepers is observed every year on May 29 to pay tribute to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve in United Nations peacekeeping operations for their high level of professionalism, dedication and courage. The 2018 theme was “UN Peacekeepers: 70 Years of Service and Sacrifice”.

12. (b) Ministry of Women and Child Development
On May 29, the Ministry of Women and Child and Development (MoWCD) signed a MoU with Uttar Pradesh for management of Home of Widows at Sunrakh Bangar, Vrindavan. The MoWCD has constructed shelter home for widows with a capacity of 1000 inmates.


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