Uttarakhand Forest Fire: Uttarakhand burning since 4 days, nearly 50 acres of land destroyed?

Uttarakhand Forest Fire: Indian state of Uttarakhand has been burning since 4 days, as per individual accounts on social media. This is the second major tragedy to hit India in less than 10 days after Cyclone Amphan caused widespread destruction in Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha last week.

People took to social media yesterday, revealing pictures of the Uttarakhand forest fires, to bring attention to the tragedy facing the hill state amid coronavirus outbreak. As per the information available, different regions of Uttarakhand witnessed the outbreak of wildfires. 

Over 50 hectares of land have already been destroyed by the forest fires, as per the tweets. While around 21 instances of forest fires were reported from Kumaon region alone, Garhwal has also reported around 16 incidents. 

Following are some of the tweets: 

Uttarakhand is burning since 4days. No media coverage,No news,No pray.
🙏🙏🙏#PrayForUttarakhand pic.twitter.com/AMlltj6MUv

— Nikhil Aggarwal (@iNikhilAgg) May 27, 2020

When we see a forest burning it is even difficult to imagine the scale of the horrific death of wildlife in the fires. Another sign that we must work harder to protect our precious world. Our thoughts & prayers are with Uttarakhand. Pray for rain. #PrayForUttarakhand pic.twitter.com/epif6ZzfGF

— Priyank (@dypriyank) May 27, 2020

No media coverage, no relief, no immediate response, #UttarakhandForestFire #PrayForUttarakhand #SaveTheHimalayas pic.twitter.com/jKm8wqSARk

— Sugrive Meena IRS (@MeenasSugrive) May 27, 2020

Uttarakhand has been burning for the last few days.
46 wildfires and over half the wildlife species in danger.
2 people have lost their lives.
Indeed this year is worst.#PrayForUttarakhand 🙏🙏 pic.twitter.com/S6XMnmpcTw

— Sonam (smile) (@Sonam_____) May 27, 2020

Uttarakhand Forest Fires Reason

As per reports, the main reason for the wildfires in Uttarakhand is the extreme rise in mercury levels in the past few days.

No Government Confirmation

The state government of Uttarakhand is yet to confirm the wildfires. Dr Parag Madhukar, Conservator in the state forest department, has reportedly stated that there are no massive forest fires in Uttarakhand. He stated that the visuals being shared on social media are old and wrong. He also revealed that it had rained in some parts of the state

Dr Parag Madhukar, Conservator, Forest Dept says there are no massive forest fires in Uttarakhand, many old and wrong visuals are being shared on social media. Please be careful.
#PrayForUttarakhand#UttarakhandForestFire pic.twitter.com/TP5QQKSjdh

— Praveen Kushwaha (@Pk_Kushwaha5) May 27, 2020


Uttarakhand has overall witnessed around 46 wildfires since the beginning of 2020, causing great danger to the state's forest land and wildlife species residing the areas.  

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