WCD Ministry links 'SHe-Box' to central, state ministries for speedy disposal of cases

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has linked the sexual harassment complaints portal ‘She-Box’ with all the Central Ministries, Departments and 653 districts across 33 states and union territories.

SHe-Box is an online portal, which has been created by the WCD Ministry to report complaints of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Key Highlights

With the linkage of the SHe-Box with central and state governments, once a case is reported on the portal, it will go directly to the concerned central and state authority having jurisdiction to take action in the matter, in order to enable prompt disposal of complaints.

The progress of the cases on the portal can be monitored by the complainants as well as the WCD Ministry, reducing the time taken in case disposal.

Around 321 complaints have been registered with 'SHe-Box' till November 20, 2018, among which around 120 are related to central ministries and departments, 58 are from state governments and 143 are from private companies.

The SHe-Box portal is an effort to provide a speedy remedy to women facing sexual harassment at workplace.


The comprehensive online complaint management system- ‘SHe-Box’- was launched by WCD Minister Maneka Sanjay Gandhi on November 7, 2017 for women working in both public and private organisations to lodge complaints of sexual harassment at workplace.

The creation of the portal is historic, as it is the first-ever time that the government of any country has launched an online portal to receive complaints of sexual harassment at workplace.

Besides, allowing a user to file a complaint, the portal also gives them the option of interacting with Ministry of WCD, with an assured time-bound response.

The portal also provides information on 112 institutions empanelled by the WCD Ministry to conduct training and workshops on the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace.

It also has the option for resource persons and institutions willing to contribute to training on this subject in various organisations to submit their applications.

It also provides a platform to the empanelled institutes and organisations to share their capacity building activities with the Ministry, which in turn will be able to monitor the activities of these institutes and organizations empanelled from across the country.

The portal can be accessed at the following link:

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act

SHe-Box was launched to ensure the effective implementation of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act (SH Act), 2013.

This SH Act is unique in its broad coverage, which includes all women irrespective of their work status, whether working in organised or unorganised, public or private sectors, regardless of hierarchy. The domestic workers are also included within its ambit.

It defines “sexual harassment at the workplace” in a comprehensive manner, to cover circumstances of implied or explicit promise or threat to a woman’s employment prospects or creation of hostile work environment or humiliating treatment, which can affect her health or safety.

Other Details

The Ministry has published a Handbook and Training Module on the SH Act to provide information about the provisions of the Act in easy to use practical manner.

The private organisations are encouraged to customise the Training Module as per their extant service rules and disciplinary procedures prescribed therein.

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