Weekly Current Affairs Quiz: 9 December to 15 December 2019

9 December to 15 December 2019: Jagran Josh aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise at ease with Current Affairs Quizzes section. The week's updated quizzes cover topics like South Asian Games 2019, Miss Universe 2019, Times Person of the Year 2019 and Google's top trends of 2019 among others. 

1. Which country topped the medal tally at the South Asian Games 2019?
a) Malaysia 
b) Nepal 
c) India 
d) Sri Lanka 

2. Who was crowned Miss Universe 2019?
a) Ashley Alvidrez
b) Zozibini Tunzi
c) Madison Anderson
d) Gabriela Tafur 

3. Who among the following was chosen by the Time magazine as the 'Person of the Year' 2019?
a) Greta Thunberg
b) Rahul Gandhi
c) Narendra Modi
d) Donald Trump

4. Which keyword was the most searched in India for the year 2019?
a) Lok Sabha Elections 2019
b) Chandrayaan 2
c) Cricket World Cup 2019
d) Article 370

5. Whose tweet won India’s ‘Golden Tweet’ honour for 2019?
a) Virat Kohli
b) MS Dhoni 
c) Narendra Modi 
d) K Sivan 

6. Who will become the world’s youngest serving prime minister?
a) Katri Kulmuni
b) Li Anderson
c) Maria Ohisalo
d) Sanna Marin

7. The Constitution (126th) Amendment Bill proposes to extend the reservation quota for SCs and STs in the legislatures by how many years?
a) 15 years
b) 5 years
c) 10 years
d) 20 years

8. Nirmala Sitharaman was ranked at which position in the list of the world's most powerful women released by Forbes recently?
a) 34
b) 67
c) 54
d) 74

9. India was ranked at which position in the Climate Change Performance Index 2019?
a) 22nd 
b) 12th 
c) 9th 
d) 10th  

10. Which party won majority in the UK elections 2019?
a) Labour Party
b) Conservative Party
c) Scottish National Party 
d) Liberal Democrats


1. (c) India 
India concluded its campaign at the 13th edition of South Asian Games (SAG) with the highest-ever medal tally with 312 medals including 174 gold, 93 silver and 45 bronze medals. The host nation Nepal stood second with 206 medals and Sri Lanka ranked third position with 251 medals.

2. (b) Zozibini Tunzi
Miss Universe 2019 winner is South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi. Tunzi beat 90 participants to claim the coveted crown. The top three contestants included Zozibini Tunzi, Madison Anderson from Puerto Rico and Ashley Alvidrez from Mexico. 

3. (a) Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg has achieved this honor at the youngest age. She was in the news because of her influential and aggressive speeches. She also gave a speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit this year.

4. (c) Cricket World Cup 2019
The ‘Cricket World Cup 2019’ was the most searched keyword of the year 2019. As per the report, about 2.6 billion people have watched the Cricket World Cup 2019 worldwide. 

5. (c) Narendra Modi 
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet celebrating BJP’s landslide victory in the Lok Sabha General Elections 2019 has won India’s ‘Golden Tweet’ honour for 2019. His tweet was the most retweeted and liked tweet of the year, as per Twitter. 

6. (d) Sanna Marin
Sanna Marin will become the world’s youngest prime minister and Finland’s third female head of the government. The 34-year-old was elected as the leader of the Social Democratic Party, the largest party in the coalition, after she beat her rival Antti Lindtman with 32-29 votes at the Social Democratic Party council meeting on December 8, 2019.

7. (c) 10 years
The Constitution (126th) Amendment Bill proposes to extend the reservation quota for SCs and STs in the Lok Sabha and the state assemblies by another 10 years, till January 25, 2030. The bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on December 10, 2019. 

8. (a) 34
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is ranked 34th in the Forbes list of 100 most powerful women of the world. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is on the top position in this list.

9. (c) 9th 
India was ranked at the 9th position in the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2019. The index was released on December 10, 2019 at the COP25 climate summit in Madrid, Spain. Besides India, only one G20 nation -the UK was ranked high in the index, while eight G20 countries were ranked in the worst category of the index.

10. (b) Conservative Party
British PM Boris Johnson’s Conservative party has won a large majority in the UK elections 2019, paving the way forward for a smooth Brexit. The party won 364 seats out of the total 650 seats in the British House of Commons, while Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party won 203 seats.

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