Google launches Google assistance in Hindi

Mar 16, 2018 16:56 IST
Google launches Google assistance in Hindi

Internet search giant Google on March 15, 2018 announced the launch of Google Assistant in Hindi. The new feature will soon be rolled out to Android and iPhone devices.

The development is one of the many changes that Google has brought in the past one year. In December 2016, Google Allo received a native Hindi Assistant and Google launched a special Google Assistant version for Jio Phone with support for Hindi and English languages.

What is Google Assistant?

• Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant developed by Google, primarily available on mobile and smart home devices, which can engage in two-way conversations.

• The Assistant lets the user have a conversation with Google to help get daily things done in a smooth manner including finding the fastest route to work, calling or texting a contact, finding out the nearest ATM/ restaurant, getting updates on the latest cricket score, setting reminders or even setting an alarm.

• The feature can be activated by simply touching and holding the Home button or saying ‘Ok Google’ on eligible smartphones.

• Powered by machine learning, the Google Assistant is built on two decades of experience in Search as well as natural language understanding, computer vision and understanding user context.

How to access Google Assistant in Hindi?

To access the feature, the users would have to first set their device language to Hindi and then touch and hold the Home button or say ‘Ok Google’ command.

The users would have to download the latest Google Search app to receive the new experience.

Further, Google has built a dedicated site to highlight what Hindi commands users can use in the Google Assistant app.



The development opens new avenues for communication and learning for the non-English speaking users of Google Assistant.

Users can access the new support to send text messages, get match updates, set reminders, or get directions directly through Google Assistant.

The personal assistant also learns user preferences, likes, and dislikes to give a personalised experience.


The launch came days after Actions on Google received support for Hindi and 15 other international languages including Thai, Indonesia, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch.

The signs of Google Assistant supporting the Hindi language had emerged in late January when the voice-based personal assistant started giving results for few Hindi queries.

Though at the time, it was transcribing Hindi commands to English and accepting Hindi queries via transliteration.

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