Government approves proposal to increase wages of artisans by over 36 percent

Sep 5, 2018 09:57 IST
Government approves proposal to increase wages of artisans by over 36 percent

The Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) on September 4, 2018 approved a proposal by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) to increase the wages of artisans by over 36 percent.

With this, the wages will be increased from Rs 5.50 per hank previously to Rs 7.50 per hank.

This proposal for increase in wages to Khadi spinners, along with payment of government subsidy Modified Market Development Assistance (MMDA), will be implemented with effect from August 15, 2018.

Key Highlights

Under the MMDA programme, 30 percent of the prime cost is paid to the Khadi institutions as production subsidy.

Out of this 30 percent, 40 percent goes to artisans as wage incentives and the remaining 60 percent goes to the Khadi institutions.

The wage incentives are paid by Khadi and Village Industries Commission directly to the accounts of the artisans through direct benefits transfer.


If an artisan makes 20 hanks in a day, he will get Rs 150 per day as wage at the rate of Rs 7.50 per hank, plus incentives like MMDA, which would be approximately 35 percent on Rs 150, that is Rs 52.

Hence, an artisan spinning minimum 20 hanks in a day will now start earning Rs 202 per day, including his wages and government incentive.

Most of the artisans spin more than 20 hanks per day presently.


The enhancement in wages is expected to draw youth towards taking up spinning as a profession.

This increase will also attract new and younger artisans to Khadi, who were earlier doubtful about their income comparing it to the wages given to the daily wagers under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act (MNREGA).


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