JNPT wins ‘Samudra Manthan - Caring Organisation of the Year’ award

Jan 3, 2018 12:07 IST
JNPT wins ‘Samudra Manthan - Caring Organisation of the Year’ award

The Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, India’s Premier Container Port, has won the ‘Samudra Manthan - Caring Organisation of the Year’ award.

The award was instituted by Bhandarkar Shipping, which is a leading publication in the maritime industry. It aims to fuel healthy competition in the maritime sector and impart an impetus to the industry to emerge stronger to work for the benefit of trade and the economy.

Among the total 14 categories of Samudra Manthan award, JNPT was the winner in the “Caring Organization of the Year” category. Speaking on the occasion, JNPT’s Deputy Chairman Neeraj Bansal said that the port is fully committed to the welfare of its employees and their families.

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About JNPT

• The port is India’s No. 1 Container Port in terms of volume and efficiency parameters.

• Located within the Mumbai harbour on the west coast of India, the port was commissioned on 26 May 1989.

• Though it was initially planned to be a “satellite port” with the purpose of decongesting traffic at the Mumbai Port, eventually it was developed as an independent port and became the country’s largest container port.

• The construction of the port is considered to be one of the technical marvels in the country, as it was completed in a record time of three-and-half years on a marshy soil with the use of sophisticated contemporary instruments in order to uphold the beauty of nearby historical Elephanta Caves and its surroundings.

• The port is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology and efficient, professional and computer integrated terminal operation systems.

• Besides achieving operational excellence, the port provides excellent facilities to its staff like medical insurance, a residential township with school, transport service, canteens, rest rooms, recreation, sports activities and regular training programs on various key topics.

• The port has also undertaken several initiatives as a part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) such as Mukhyamantri Aarogya Marathon, jalshivaryojana and regular free health camps.

Other finalists for the 'Caring Organisation of the Year' award included the Shipping Corporation of India, MSC Crewing and DP world.

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