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  • Indian Railways Suvidha Train: Ticket booking, Ticket Cancellation and Refund Rules

    The facility of Suvidha trains is provided by the Indian Railways so that people can book confirm tickets on the busy routes of Indian Railway network. They are also known as Premium Express and were introduced by the Ministry of Railways in 2015. How tickets are booked for Suvidha trains, how many types of Suvidha trains are there, what is the ticket cancellation process and refund rules. Let us find out!

    19 hrs ago
  • Train 18, 2nd Vande Bharat Express: All you need to know

    Second Vande Bharat Express train is a gift to the devotees of Vaishno Devi temple by the Indian Railways. It will run on the high traffic Delhi-Katra route. Let us read more about second Vande Bharat Express i.e. how much time it will take to reach Katra from Delhi, features of the train. Why this train is different from other trains?

    20 hrs ago
  • LIC Policy Holders: How to avoid frauds and save your money?

    It is being observed that some LIC policy holders are getting calls from the fraudster. These fraudsters are calling LIC policy holders to link their Aadhaar number with the policies by sending SMS on a particular number. LIC has clarified that LIC officials never call policyholders or never encourage its policy holders to discontinue their existing policy/policies to get extra benefits.

    1 day ago
  • India's moon mission Chandrayaan-2 launched 22 July: All you need to know

    India's second Moon mission Chandrayaan-2 successfully launched at 2:43 pm on 22 July, 2019 from Sriharikota space station. A new history is created in India. It is a proud moment for all of us. People will be able to see the darker side of the Moon. What is Chandrayaan-2 mission, how it will collect data, how many payloads it has etc. Let us have a look!

    1 day ago
  • Hima Das: Biography and International Records

    Hima Das nicknamed the Dhing Express, is an Indian sprinter from the state of Assam. Dhing is a town in Nagaon district in the state of Assam; that is the reason she is called “Dhing Express”. Hima Das holds the current Indian national record in the 400 metres. Hima has won a gold medal in the 400 m final at the World U-20 Championships 2018 held at Tampere (Finland). She is the first Indian to win a gold medal at an international track event.

    1 day ago
  • ISRO's Chandrayaan-2 moon mission: Why are we going to the Moon?

    Moon is the Earth's natural satellite which was formed around 4.6 billion years ago after the formation of the solar system. In 1959, the first unmanned mission to the Moon was launched by the Soviet Lunar Program with the first manned landing being Apollo 11 in 1969. ISRO landed its first mission to moon in 2008 named Chandrayaan-1. and on 22 July, 2019 second moon mission Chandrayaan-2 will be launched.

    1 day ago
  • NASA's Apollo 11 Moon Landing Space Mission: Google Doodle Celebrates 50th Anniversary

    NASA's Apollo 11 Moon Landing Space Mission - 50th Anniversary: Google honoured the 50th Anniversary of NASA's Apollo 11 Moon Landing with a Google Doodle on its home page. Check details.

    Jul 19, 2019
  • International Chess Day 2019: History and Facts

    International Chess day is celebrated on 20 July every year to honour the foundation of the Federation Internationale des Eches (FIDES) in 1924. Do you know the history of International Chess day, first time when and how it was celebrated? Let us find out!

    Jul 19, 2019
  • What is Ebola Virus?

    As we know that World Health Organisation has declared a public health emergency in the Democratic Republic of Congo due to the spread of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) which is of international concern. Do you know what is Ebola Virus, its history, symptoms and treatment?

    Jul 18, 2019
  • Do you know who has replaced Bill Gates as a second richest person?

    According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bill Gates is no longer the world's second-richest person. Do you know who has replaced him and how much net worth he holds? Let us find out some interesting facts about him.

    Jul 18, 2019
  • Nelson Mandela International Day 2019: History and Significance

    Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated on 18 July every year globally to remind the contributions of Mandela to the culture of peace, human right, reconciliation and freedom. Do you know why Nelson Mandela International Day is celebrated, how it is celebrated and significance?

    Jul 18, 2019
  • 17th July- This day in history: 50th anniversary of Apollo Moon Mission

    The 17th July in the history is famous for many scientific, entertaining, political and historical events. These events were occurred around more than 50 years ago but the impact of these events can be realised till date also. Let’s have a look on these events.

    Jul 17, 2019
  • M.S. Dhoni: International records as Batsman, Captain and Wicket Keeper

    M.S Dhoni is the only Indian captain who have brought two World Cups to India. One world cup was of T-20 World Cup in 2007 and another was 50 over format in 2011. Dhoni is considered as the most successful captain of the Indian ODI team. During his captaincy the success rate of Indian team was around 60%. Although the success rate of Kohli is around 76%.

    Jul 17, 2019
  • World Emoji Day 2019: History and Things you need to know

    World Emoji Day is celebrated in summers annually on 17 July to represent an idea or an emotion through an electronic means. Do you know who created Emoji first and when it was used? What are new features of emojis that are introduced this year? Let us find out!

    Jul 17, 2019
  • International Court of Justice: History and Jurisdiction

    The International Court of Justice (ICJ) was established in June 1945 by the United Nations Charter and it started working in April 1946. This is the main judicial body of the United Nations (UN). The headquarters of the International Court is in the "Peace Palace" in The Hague (Netherlands). The ICJ is hearing the case of detained Kulbhushan Jadhav in Pakistan on charges of espionage.

    Jul 17, 2019