• GK Quiz on life of Mahatma Gandhi: Set 1

    Now the India will celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of the Mahatma Gandhi on the 2nd October 2019. So we need to know some important facts about the life of mahatma Gandhi. We have published this quiz to increase the general knowledge of the students and general public.

    Oct 2, 2019
  • GK Questions and Answers on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)

    Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is illegally occupied by the Pakistan in the 1947. In reality POK is the integral part of Indian state Jammu and Kashmir. India wants that Pakistan should handed over this region to India because POK is integral part of Jammu and Kashmir.

    Sep 18, 2019
  • GK Questions and Answers: Central Vigilance Commission

    Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is the main agency in preventing corruption in the central government. It was established by an executive resolution of the central government. We have published a quiz on the Central Vigilance Commission for the aspirants of the various competitive exams like UPSC,PSC, SSC etc.

    Sep 6, 2019
  • GK Questions and Answers on State Information Commission

    The State Information Commission will be constituted by the State Government through a Gazette notification. The person appointed on the post of State Chief Information Commission and other members should be eminence in public life with wide experience in law, science, and social work.

    Aug 23, 2019
  • GK Quiz on Indian Polity on Article 370 and Attached Office and Subordinate Office

    Article 370 is repealed by the Indian Parliament in July 2019. Now solve these GK questions based on the Article 370 and subordinate states. Solve these questions to boost your chances of selection in the upcoming exams.

    Aug 23, 2019
  • GK Question and Answer: Supreme Court of India

    This set of 10 questions based on "Supreme Court of India" is designed to help the aspirants preparing for UPSC / PCS / SSC / CDS and other competitive exams. This set includes difficult and simple questions. We hope that this quiz will be helpful in your success.

    Aug 13, 2019
  • GK Questions and Answers on Fundamental Duties of Indian Citizens

    Jagaran Josh is giving a quiz of 10 questions based on 'Fundamental Duties' to help aspirants of IAS / PCS / SSC / CDS and other competitive exams. We hope this quiz will be helpful in your success.

    Jul 26, 2019
  • GK Quiz on Features of Indian Constitution

    It has been observed that in the various competitive examinations, questions based on political science are always asked, keeping in view the need of these contestants, we have prepared a quiz of 10 questions based on the 'characteristics of Indian Constitution'. These questions are expected to be useful to the competitors.

    Jul 25, 2019
  • 50 GK Questions on Union Budget & Economic Survey | Latest Survey 2019

    Union Budget is the country's comprehensive Annual Financial Statement. It consists of details of the government's capital, revenue and expenditures. What is interim budget, why Sitharaman's Budget 2019 is special? To know answers of such type of questions, we are publishing a set of 50 important questions on Union Budget and Economic Survey which will not only increase your general knowledge but also help in competitive examinations preparations.

    Jul 5, 2019
  • GK Questions and Answers: Lok Sabha Speaker

    Lok Sabha Speaker is the boss of the lower house of Indian Parliament. He is the spokesperson of the lower house also. The speaker for the current 17th Lok Sabha has been elected by the members amongst itself. We have created this set of 10 important questions on the Lok Sabha Speaker which will be very useful for all the competitive exams to be held in India.

    Jun 19, 2019
  • GK Questions and Answers on Indian Parliament

    Parliament is the supreme legislative organ of the Union Government. It occupies a pre-eminent and central position in the Indian democratic political system due to adoption of the parliamentary form of government. GK Questions and Answers on Indian Parliament will be helpful in the preparation of various competitive examinations.

    Jun 18, 2019
  • GK Questions and Answers: Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

    The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is the intergovernmental permanent organisation created in 1996. At present SCO summit is going on in Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek from 13 to 14 June, 2019. We published a set of 10 questions on the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation that is useful for many competitive exams.

    Jun 15, 2019
  • GK Questions and Answers on National Human Right Commission

    National Human Rights Commission is the watchdog of human rights in India. It protects the rights/life/liberty of people and ensures equality in the country. In this article, 10 questions related to the National Human Rights Commission are given which are crucial for the success in the various competitive exams in India.

    Jun 6, 2019
  • General Knowledge Question and Answer: National Flag of India

    The National Flag is a horizontal tricolour of deep saffron (kesaria) at the top. The Indian National Flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on July 22, 1947. In this set of quiz will be very useful for examinations like IAS/PCS/SSC.

    Jun 4, 2019
  • GK Quiz on Prime Minister of India and Supreme Court

    In the parliamentary system of government provided by the constitution, the President is the nominal executive authority and Prime Minister is the real executive authority. Where as the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is greater than that of its prodecessor. Let us study more about Prime Minister of India and Supreme Court in the form of questions and answers.

    May 31, 2019