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World History in Chronology

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What were the reasons behind Indo-Pakistan War and its effects?

Aug 13, 2018
Pakistan was created out of India in 1947 when both the countries became Independent from Great Britain. India-Pakistan Wars, name given to the series of conflicts between India and Pakistan. The most violent outbreaks came in 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and 1999. Reasons of conflicts are border dispute, Kashmir problem, Water dispute and terror controversy.

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Treaty Of Versile To Berlin

Dec 11, 2010
1919 AD: Treaty of Versailles signed in Paris. 1920 AD: League of Nations comes formally into existence (Jan 13). 1924 AD: Death of Lenin.

Emergence Of Unipolar World

Dec 11, 2010
1991 AD: Gulf War begins (Jan 17). After freeing Kuwait Gulf war comes to an end (Feb 28); Nepal goes to its first multiparty Parliamentary polls in 32 years (May 12); Mikhail Gorbachov, President of USSR, is ousted in a coup by hardliners (Aug 19); The Soviet coup fizzles out.

Ancient World to First World War

Dec 11, 2010
10,000 BC: Semi-permanent settlements come up in Africa, Asia and Europe. 10,000-4,000 BC: Settlements turn into protocities. Development such as wheel, pottery and improved methods of cultivation in Mesopotamia and other places.