Battle of Talikota (1565 AD)

The battle of Talikota was fought between Sultanates of Deccan and Vijaynagar kingdom on 26 January 1565 AD. The Vijaynagar kingdom suffered a defeat in the battle fought near the villages of Rakshasi and Tangdi.

At the time of Battle of Talikota, Sadasiva Raya was the ruler of Vijaynagar kingdom. But he was a puppet ruler. The real power was exercised by his minister Rama Raya. He tried to crush the power of Deccan sultanates by creating difference amongst them. However, the Deccan sultanates got a hint of his plan and formed an alliance against Vijayanagar kingdom. Soon, they attacked the kingdom and looted and destroyed everything after entering the capital.

Its Consequences

• The battle of Talikota ended the prominence of Viajaynagar kingdom in South Indian politics.
• The Kingdom of Mysore, Nayakas of Vellore, Nayakas of Keladi in Shimoga declared their independence from Vijayanagar.
• The Muslim Sultanates of Deccan could not gain much out of this victory because they soon engaged themselves in fighting among themselves and fell easy prey to the Mughals.

Causes of Vijaynagar’s defeat

• Vijaynagar lost the battle because of lesser number of cavalry as compared with Deccan Sultanates.
• The Deccan sultanates had more sophisticated weapons in comparison to Vijaynagar kingdom.
• The Deccan sultanates were better in artillery warfare.
• The biggest reason of Vijaynagar’s defeat was the betrayal of two key commanders in Vijaynagar kingdom known as Gilani brothers.

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