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Google Chrome to get some serious competition from Brave browser: Here’s why

Mayank Uttam

Brave Browser: Tech experts believe that Google Chrome web browser might get some serious competition from the new Brave browser. Rating & review of Brave browser are great and in a very little time, it has drawn tremendous attention from the tech world. Initially it was launched for iOS back in 2018 but now it is also available on Windows, Android, macOS & Linux.

It has some very unique features such as HTTPS Everywhere (or encrypted data traffic), 3rd party cookie blocking, script blocking and incognito private tabs. Not just this, it also has a great reward system which means you will get paid for browsing in Brave Browser.

Brave Browser: Features

Here are some salient features of the Brave Browser

⇒ Brave Reward System

This browser has a unique reward system

After installing the browser, you will get an option to Activate Brave Rewards (currently available on desktop only). By which you can support content creators by viewing ads.

Alternatively, you can tip content creators without even revealing your identity. The company claimed it has over 10,000 publishers and content creators have registered to receive Brave Rewards. As per the reports, the reward program is yet to launch in India.

⇒ Load pages 2x faster on desktop & up to 8x faster on mobile

 The developer of the Brave browser claimed that when compared to Google Chrome and Firefox, Brave loads pages two times fast.

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⇒ Unparalleled privacy and security

The company claimed that it is not into personal data business and will never sell the data to the 3rd party. Some of its features are:

⇒ Ad blocking

⇒ Cookie control

⇒ HTTPS upgrading

⇒ Block scripts*

⇒ Per-site shield settings

⇒ Configurable global shield defaults

This is one of its kind web browsers and other popular web browsers like Firefox and Chrome might get serious competition with Brave browser.

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